Nova broke down after power cut

Hi all,

Power in the neighborhood broke down, after the power came back, a couple of LED lights did not work, but also my Nova will not power on again.

I’ve tried unplugging, after that the power LED blinks in a pattern like: 2-4-7 times. Any ideas?

Fuse in the plug? Ah. Scratch that if leds come on not that.

I’ve contacted the ‘breakdown service’ (don’t know if this is correct English) and they were able to check the voltages in my house remotely … instead of 3x 230V they saw that I’m currently supplied with 2x 200 and 1x 160V

The washing machine is also displaying an error code which is related to not enough power.

Hope the same counts for the Uniti Nova

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I’m guessing you are not in the UK? I’d unplug the power lead and when normal voltage is restored reboot your Nova.

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I think I’d unplug everything until normal supplies are restored!

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YES, normal supplies have been restored and everything is working fine now!


The Nova is working okay now, yes?

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As soon as I knew the voltages were not OK, I’ve unplugged the Uniti, now everything is working fine!

Not used to these kind of outages in the Netherlands however …


Was really strange, as I’ve said; the power LED was blinking in a way that it could be an error code … lucky that the Nova is not damaged :smiley:

You’re lucky it was under-voltage. Over the Summer we had a big over-voltage of well over 400V. It was very windy and a tree branch had taken out one of the four exposed cables leading from the local transformer across the edge of the woods and one of our fields (which prevented the Tx from tripping out) and then welded two of the others together. Thankfully, because of the storm, I had unplugged most critical things around the house, but anything with a plug-in “wall wart” supply was toasted as well as anything that had a “brain” or logic board. I had also forgotten to unplug the UQ2 in my office. My heart sank when it wouldn’t power up. However, after replacing the inlet fuse with a new one it was fine - phew!


I love a simple explanation… :crazy_face:

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