Nova connections to power amp

Hi folks.
Been lurking here for months and joined recently.

A few weeks ago after lots of research as a newbie, I finally went for it and purchased a new Nova along with a new pair of Kef R7’s. Very happy in general with it and definitely hooked into the increased sound quality.
I realise there’s a running in period for the No a and speakers, however even after a few weeks of continual use, it seems the speakers only really come alive at around 50 volume (max set at 100). I may be expecting too much, however thought there would be a bit more separation and detail at lower volumes.

Mentioned to my local dealer I had chance of trying a NAP 200 and he said yes it should make a noticeable difference at lower volumes etc.
Today I got hold of the Nap 200 along with Naim SNAIC cable.

Now here’s the question, is this the only cable that’s needed between the Nova and the Nap 200, as there are also 2 x RCA sockets at the analogue output on the Nova.
So I’m wondering if I need a 2 x RCA into 4 pin RCA rather than the SNAIC with 4 pin at each end.

Please be gentle with me I’m a self confessed beginner!

I’ve searched the forum thoroughly for this info, and found several posts regarding Nova with a power amp, but no specific details on cables.

Respectfully, I’m not looking to engage in the debate of adding separate/s to a Nova/ all in one, just some help in getting the Nap200 correctly plumbed in!!

Many thanks

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You can use the SNAIC. The five pin din plug is connected to the Nova and the 4 pin DIN plug is connected to the NAP 200.

These pages on the Naim website might help.

Yes that’s all you need. A SNAIC4 cable which comes supplied with the NAP200.

Thanks for the feedback both.

However I’m still a bit confused, as the Nova manual shows 5 pin as you mention, however mine only has a 4 pin socket?

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No worries, I guess it’s amistake in the manual. Mine also has a four pin DIN output

Hi cwego
I think your ground switch should be set to default.
Hopefully others more knowledgeable can advise.

Ah ok thanks for that!

Sorry to mislead you. I went by the manual for the Nova.

As I learnt today, the manual is wrong. Bizarrely the Star has a 5-pin outlet and the Nova has a 4-pin outlet.

The DIN5 is an input on the Star, Mike. Pre-amp out is via RCA only on the Star, rather than the usual DIN4 (and RCA) sockets found on the Nova.

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It’s funny because you have today no single Naim component in your system but however you are among those who know the best all the Naim singular and complicated connections.


FR, you forget that James has had plenty of Naim kit and, IIRC, still has a rather lovely NAIT.


I still have a couple of Naim Power-Lines in daily use, FR.

It’s useful to keep on top of Naim component connectivity - just in case…

You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave :wink:


I don’t see them in his profile….but James responded me in the meantime.

I understand that this is a “sensitive“ topic on this forum, but I would advise you to try out and drive your bass with the Nova and the treble/midrange with the NAP 200.

I do this with my KEF Ref 5/Nova/NAP 250 with excellent results.

It comes of course down to your listening “circumstances”: room, source ( in my case Qobuz Hi-Res mostly or alternatively Hi-Res radio via my Nova) and volume (in my case low to very moderate as I live in an apartment with sensitive neighbours).

I can add that I trust my ears as I attended a highly recognised music school in my younger years after a thorough admission process and subsequently have “certified hearing” :laughing:

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Thanks that’s very interesting.

Can I ask, how do I practically do this as I’ve no idea!

Remember to disconnect the low and high range in the back of your speakers before you connect the amplifiers!

That’s fantastic info, many thanks!

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