Nova cover art problem

Hello fellow Naimers.

I just upgraded from my flawless Atom to a Nova. The upgrade didn’t start as stellar (he-he) as I’d hoped for.

The first 30 hours went well. So far so good. I started off playing some radio and swapped to analog 1 for some vinyl. After one side I went back to radio… nothing happened.

  • I am aware of the recent problems at vTuner now, but not at the given time.

How ever. No radio worked, no stations. I switched to streaming trough Tidal instead. It took well over 1 minute to load the cover art at every track. Tried Qobuz as well with same results.

I unplugged the power cord for a few hours. Same story.

I had no other choice than do a factory reset.
This fixed the issues, even the radio worked. This should be at the time the radio didn’t work.

A few hours went by and I switched to analog again for a brief second and back to radio, to see if that worked. It did not work.

Same story again. I factory reset once more to once again make it work. But this time I can only listen to my favorite added radio channel, no cover arts of the radio channels appears, it takes around 20 seconds to load track cover art from streaming services.

What’s going on?

Do you have problem with cover arts and still problem with radio?
Happy holidays.

That does seem odd if you weren’t getting problems with the Atom.

I think I’d restart my modem/router just in case there was a coincidental issue with the connection speeds dropping. If both were connected via ethernet and the lead’s hooked up ok there shouldn’t be any difference on the network. If using wi-fi and/or placement has changed due to larger size I suppose there could be some theoretical worsening of wi-fi performance, but still odd.

Do you have Christmas decorations/lights etc on currently which could be causing interference (especially if using wi-fi or ethernet over Powerline plug type devices)?

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