Nova DAB/FM module?

Does the Uniti Nova ship with the DAB/FM module as standard in the UK?

Thanks to anyone who knows.


It’s an optional extra that can be retro-fitted by your dealer (or by you if you can lay hands on one). But I don’t think it’s automatically shipped with it. (My Nova doesn’t have one for example.)

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Thanks David!

I’m going to audition a Nova next week, as a possible replacement for my 272 based 3-box system, so I’ll ask my dealer…… and see if he has/can order a factory built unit.


I had it fitted by my dealer, in 2020 it was around £150

@Osiris IIRC there was time when Nova shipped with the module included, when ordered - listed separately on price list at the time.
As has been commented, its a dealer fit option - tricky for an owner to fit, since there is a ribbon connector to the Nova volume control, which has to be dealt with when opening the unit.
As a matter of interest, what prompts adding a module. I ask despite owning two Novas, both with FM module. With iRadio, there is little difference between FM and same via iRadio. Perhaps you have a local station. You may be aware the FM module (like all Nova analogue inputs) is digitalised at the input stage; permits multiroom. iRadio does though lag FM by up to a minute, so the “pips” are late.
Good luck with audition; it wasn’t the question you asked, but a NSC222 rather than a Nova, since you have a NAP250, I did this earlier in the year - a very different proposition - 2 box!

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I so wish you hadn’t opened that particular can of worms…. :smiley:, having spent the last 6 months telling myself I really didn’t need to evaluate that option.

Good point, well made, hopefully the audition will clear the muddy waters.


J, fully respect your dilemma, so I took time to compose my post. If you didn’t already have the system in your profile, I would have stayed silent. I admit to not having heard 272, yet owning a Nova, the new NSC222 + NC250 is a significant step up, imho. With your 505’s the NSC + your existing NAP will likely be worth an audition, if it fits your criteria. A nice used pair of 606s has arrived here, heading for a change to an av system. In the meantime they are connected to a Nova……no surprises but best you audition, so I will get my hat; bon chance!

:grinning: thanks again (hiding wallet behind sofa) :innocent:

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whooops…now the dealer will know where to find it…!!
…try the freezer; do cards work again after being frozen?

Yes, if you keep them away from the compressor motor and wiring - just like hifi :joy:

Sadly, actually not so much really, you proved to be entirely correct. The dealer did indeed locate my stashed wallet and I have become the happy owner of a 222/250 2-box solution, despite my previous reservations.

The Nova audition was revealing, being clearly a little less capable than my 272/XPS DR/250DR system, perhaps expectedly so, although with the attraction of being an exceptional 1-box solution and obviously very easy to live with.

So when offered a very good deal in light of current OC prices, and reflecting previous experience listening to the NC 200 series, it seemed the rational choice, taking account of the available budget. I feel somewhat self-satisfied as I resisted the additional NPX 300 external PSU, although the ‘missing front tooth’ aspect to my rack makes me wonder for how long.

I can confirm the experience of others that ‘straight out of the box’ the 222/250 combo significantly exceeds the performance of my OC 272/XPS DR/250 DR, but I suppose I should not be surprised given their relative costs and specifications.

I took a long time to reach this decision, kudos to my dealer for their patience, but Naim have knocked one out of the park with this 2-box system. Indeed, if budget permits in these straightened times, any 272 owner should give it very serious consideration.


Congrats. Yep while the Nova is an excellent one box - even Nova + NAP is well shy of the two box alternatives that the NC range now offers, for not significant extra outlay. Did you retain your NAP250DR or sub for a NC250?
I don’t have NPX and it isn’t in the plan, but my great and obliging Naim dealer, HFL, will sling one my way, when I have a moment of temptation, but we are both aware it is not my primary system!
Apparently I have a front row seat for 300 series Naim demo day at the end of the month.
I’m in the process of blocking the cc - specifically for the dealers system!

Succumbed to the NC 250 I’m afraid….If the 200 series is anything to go by, I’d wear a kapok cardigan to the 300 demo :joy::joy::joy:.


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