Nova disconnection


I am experiencing a very annoying issue with my Nova : it loose connection too often and I have to disconnect the power cord and reconnect it to get it working again.

What can I do to make it work decently ?

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Can you describe the problem? What connection is lost?

It loose the connection with all my device (Phone, iPad…etc.) with all the software (Roon, Airplay). Even the Nova screen indicate that Wifi connection is good, Radios doesn’t work neither.

Can you hook it up wired (temporarily), just to see if it then works?
Have you also created a ticket with Naim support?


For practical reason, I can’t connect it wirelessly. It was working fine until these last days. I’ve updated the Firmware yesterday, hated the SQ evolution but I hope it will at least fixes wireless issues.

There’s a couple of older threads out here… they seem to indicate that some WiFi Routers that come standard from your internet service provider don’t always keep a stable connection up with the Uniti’s or MuSOs.
I had just a few glitches with the Wifi when I first hooked up my Qb to a ZTE router (chinese), so I ethernet wired it - same with the Uniti Star later. No issues since unless there’s a issue on the modem connection of course

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You might try turning off the Nova and your wifi router.
Turn on the wifi router and let it fully power up and stabilise.
Only then, turn on your Nova.
Sometimes rebooting everything can help, but it does have to be in the correct order.


Thank you. I’ll try this.


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