Nova display corruption

Originally had an Atom that developed display issues shortly after purchase and was RMA’d.

The Nova tonight seems to have intermittent display corruption:


Anyone else seen anything like this?

Hardware issue or software???

I would try a factory reset and if problem persists contact your dealer.

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Can you see my image Graeme? For some reason I can’t!


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Thanks - so my computer is hosed too! Great!

Just one of those nights eh! Don’t do much with devices tonight. It’s too easy to get wound up and probably isn’t much of anything. Sort it tomorrow.

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I’m going to reboot and see what happens!

My iPhone X has been iffy ever since iOS 13 and this macOS installation has been dire since I did a few updates a couple of weeks ago - losing confidence in Apple!

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Yeah, Apple updates are a mare! I always wait until the inter tubes gives the all clear. Just been reading that the latest Asset update is giving a few glitches, so I’ll wait on that one too.

Glad I still have my Olive CD player based system. No updates to worry about.

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I’m going to stick an LP on next!

Interestingly the image of the screen corruption is not showing on the iPhone either.

High Sierra update is going to take 40 mins plus to install on an SSD !!!

Yeah, the latest iOS and Mac updates are a mess.

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Good idea! :grin: Thank God for spinny discs. They just seem to work. All this computer based stuff is great but so buggy and frustrating.

BTW, your image is showing up on my iPad and iPhone. Suggest restart iPhone. Sorts almost all problems out.


With major and minor updates already done on ios13, I am surprised it is still bad. As I said earlier, I’ll wait until the inter tubes gives the all clear. Nowt wrong with my iPhone and iPad and I cant see anything I need from the update so it can wait, despite iPad getting naggy about me not doing it yet.


My Atom once had a complete meltdown and the screen looked a bit like yours.

It was only a few months old, and I thought about taking it back to my dealer, but after a restart it was fine and it hasn’t happened again.

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I work on a PC but I guess the principle is the same for Mac - it might be that you need to clear your history/cache on your devices to get images to appear. On Windows 10, their own Browser ‘Edge’ sometimes fails to load some websites updates I have made unless I close all tabs, and clear history/cache - this is despite seeing the changes have been made in Chrome / Firefox / Opera!

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What problems have you found with iOS 13? It’s been working fine for me.

I don’t have ios13 because I am still reading about mail app problems, no ringing on phone calls, dropped calls etc. Etc. Ios12 is working fine for me and the goodies in ios13 aren’t that interesting to me, so I’m happy to stay on 12 for now.

I think he was replying to my comments about iOS13. Most of my issues have been related to various apps freezing, but the phone calls often don’t ring, or stop ringing when a call is incoming and the alarm won’t ring after again after snooze is selected The Mac updates froze both of my computers with one of them crashing twice during the installation of the new OS.

@Alley_Cat, did you get it sorted?

I’ve only just got in, will hopefully have a chance to look at it later. Thanks for asking.

The Atom started with some intermittent issues but they became worse and worse - difficult to know if this is a software glitch or a fault in the display hardware, it could be either - if it’s the latter I’d be concerned there might be an effect on sound quality.

All very odd.

OK, best of luck!