Nova Flashing Power Button and Dead

Hi Guys, my Nova is playing up, and not in a good way… Any ideas?

The power button is flashing 4 -2-2-pause. I can connect to it via the App, but no sound comes out even if I turn the volume up and down. The app volume buttons are a little hard to understand as the app dows not show a volume slider any more.

I am concerned about powering the unit off in case this make since worse and possibly brick it. As a result I have left it plugged in.

What should I do?


Its no good as it is……so i would power it off and wait a few minutes before powering up again. If that is not fixing a full factory reset maybe required or even a trip back to Naim.

Thanks Gazza, I get that… and will probably have to do that. But I thought I would ask first. Do you know what 4-2-2 is an indication of?

Calling @NeilS at Naim HQ?

Hi Guys,

422 is the DSP failed to boot.
Pull the power & restart - it won’t make anything worse!


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