Nova - Heat control

I see, I only had a Nova for a short time and used bananas, so cannot remember

well…since you knowledgable people can see it…the only reason my old Mac there is out is to charge my vape thing. Lol. It said not to use a wall socket but instead a computer. All I have is an iPad and the Nova. I wondered…is the USB on the Nova like a computer’s (yes…stupid question…but hey…consider the source…) :crazy_face: and therefore lower power which would be what the vape thing needs…

…and that in a nutshell is the hell of OCD. If I don’t KNOW something I’m leery of it.

Those look like the normal Naim size speaker plugs.

The Nova’s USB does supply power, as it needs to drive an attached disk that has no separate supply. I guess it could charge the vape too, though USB sockets have different supply ratings and the attached device and the socket can negotiate a power supply level, as long as it does not exceed the socket’s abilities. Whether this is enough for a vape, I don’t know. But you will find several threads/discussions about attaching LED lamps to the USB.

Though whether you want to attach a power drawing device and what effects this might have on the audio is up to you :slight_smile:

I was considering power draw = heat…so…maybe when off…which incidentally leads to another question. Power off/ standby? When I push the power button and the front all dims, except the power button, is that off or standby? Isn’t there a dimmer light when off? I’ve looked and not seen anything, aside from the one comment I read once and forget where it was.

Regarding the lights and the power modes:


When it is in standby, it switches to a small power supply and will take some time (half an hour maybe) to come back to best performance.

If you leave it on, it will draw more power but will always be warmed up.

If the display is like the NDX2 and you have the display enabled during playback, pausing the music will leave the display on for 12 hours. Standby is the only way to turn it off after a shorter time, but incurs the warm-up penalty. A way around this is to enable server mode. See the links to the explanations by Steve Harris in this post:

and my attempt to further clarify

Um…who…pauses during a song…and leaves it 12 hours? That whole series of answers and questions is…useless.

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what to listen to?

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I do. There is no “stop” button, just play/pause. So when I stop listening in the middle of a 3-hour playlist, or don’t have time for the complete album, ending the playback means pausing it. (With a playlist or album playing, truly stopped is only runs if it runs through to the end).

If the display is set to “on during playback”, this means that it stays on for 12 hours in this scenario. (Hence the workaround by using standby to turn the display off, together with server mode to keep the unit warm)

Which one?

Anyways, curious about your upcoming NACA results :slight_smile:

Just a couple songs in, but I’m cranking Miles, and definitely not as hot. I’ve stopped the fan to make sure. And…is there a sound improvement? There may be. Yeah. My ears were bleeding at 80…lol…so I had to submit and drop to 70…lol…


Sounds like an improvement re the heat. Richard keeps saying that the NACA need a long time to break in, 100 hrs or more, so maybe the sound is going to get even better. Enjoy

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It’s NACA5……

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Sorry for being lazy

Update…second album, 75…getting pretty warm. I put the fan back on…lol. It is better, but it still gets hot. I’m ordering the Powerline and hope that it improves another notch.

Clare is very happy with the Powerline on the Nova, as you know.

Re the heat, as long as it does not shut down, I assume that its sensor figures it is ok. If this improved, maybe it’s all you need.

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I just ordered it. I have the credit at my dealer here for the AQ cables to put towards it. I bought the NACA5s from Crutchfield.


Are you actually in the same room when listening at 80? Or maybe you visited to many hardcore concerts and are half deaf? :slight_smile:

Joking aside: why do you need to cranck it up that high?

No need. It’s fun! No…I’m not planted in front of the speakers for long periods at 80. Short bursts. But I am a guitar player. So there’s that. I’m not hard of hearing. But why are you mumbling? Speak up! Lol…right now…48. Red hot Chilis…

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Hm. Christ. Well. I generally listen album to album. Not playlists. Sorry if I was insensitive. I just didn’t see that. I thought of it like a turntable kind of. Not playing is stopped! So…do I need read that carefully again or can you give me the cliff notes? Ahh…OK. But…the negative in the display being on is…?
OK…in short…leave the Nova on all the time?