Nova into SN3 (temporarily)

My NDX2 is in for repair and so I’m using my Nova on the Kanta 2s. I understand I can connect the Nova’s preamp out to the SN3 using one of the following:

  1. 5 pin DIN from Nova into 4 pin DIN of SN3 (“Power in”) with the SN3 in power amp mode; or

  2. RCA from Nova into SN3 RCA Stream input, with the SN3 in normal integrated mode.

Am I correct that both will work and if so which one should produce the best result? I’m assuming the first option. Thanks in advance.

Another alternative is to use standard rca phono interconnects from nova analogue output to the sn3 av input, with av bypass on. Use the nova volume control as the sn3 volume is bypassed.

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thanks @robert_h - does that bypass the preamp in the SN3?

Yes, straight to the poweramp when av bypass is switched on.

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I preferred option 2 when I ran my Nova into the SN3.
I know it means effectively using two preamps but it worked best for me.
With my cloth ears, I couldn’t tell much difference between using the Nova as a source and an NDX2.

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Just to report back, the RCA from Nova pre out into SN3 in AV mode is working very well. Thank you.

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