Nova/ lota bookshelf users

Before I take the plunge on new speakers just wondering if there’s any users of the above what was your general feeling about them? I Have now narrowed it down to this pair and the ProAc tab 10s, Thank you

I had some Iotas with a UnitiQute. They are quite hard to drive and needed to be quite loud to wake up. They’d be better with a Nova I’m sure.

I tried the Tablette 10 Signature with a Nova and they had insufficient bass, though they were great with a Supernait 3.

With my Nova I chose the PMC twenty5.21i, which work well.

You really need to try speakers at home, as each room is different and each person’s preferences are personal.


When I bought an Atom (later changed to a Nova) I auditioned the Iota’s and Tab 10’s as they were going to be true bookshelf speakers. The Iota’s had a lovely treble courtesy of the ribbon but the bottom octave was simply missing and I couldn’t live with it. I bought the Tab 10’s and loved them but you should try both in your own home.


Using Proac 10s with my Nova (with naca 5) and very happy with the result

Of course bass are limited due to the size but the one 10s provides are very pushy and if you can put them 30 cm from the wall (in a mid size room) it’s just perfect…no feeling of anything missing

Very good sound stage and detail in the mid / high are so nice too…sounds definitely lot bigger than expected looking for the size of those very little speakers .
Listen “way over yonder” from Carole king …with a glass of whisky …could be worse :grinning:

As usual …room fist …so give a try before decision

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I have seen good review on the tabs , but because a short listening distance, I need him to go up tight to the wall. Thank you

Even better…10s are designed for such use. No bass reflex is giving a limited but very dry bass.Personally Love it…not a real fan of slow / bump bass that to many “big” speaker are sharing nowadays

Nova and 10s is definitely a “must try” combo if you are looking for such close listening session

Now listening “polyphonia” Band on Qobuz…a mix of lively, fast and very punchy sound

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I have Iotas plus Atom.

In a largish room. So have a sub too. With a sub , sound fantastic with a beautiful smooth treble.

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My girlfriend has a Nova with the iota Alpha - the baby floorstanders. That’s a great mix, but they go a lot further down the frequency range than the original iotas.

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We have Iotas on the end of a second system. Small room and near field listening. I think they’re very musical but it’s true about the lack of bass. When auditioning we tried a small sub woofer (REL from memory) and that completely resolved the bass issues filling out the lower registers well and giving a ‘richer’ sound overall. Given our situation we didn’t go with the sub but would have done had it been the main system in a bigger room.

Merry Christmas

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Concerning sub I’ve tried to convince myself about the benefit during my two weeks try….with lot of different settings

Yes more bass for sure, but not alway well integrated and after removing it I’ve realised that the magic sounds of the 10s just disappeared with the addition of the sub (the soundstage was, to my ears badly affected)

So sub has been removed ….10s magic sound is back

Here again, try it first and buy what you like the way it’s build. DYI is usually not a so good idea because not designed as such…so always adding Pros ….and Cons as well….sometimes even more

I run Neat Iotas with my Atom and thoroughly enjoy the combination. Not surprising really as Neat’s Bob Surgeoner designed them to go with all-in-ones like the Atom and Unitiqute. They work very well in the small bedroom I use as an office, with the speakers on wall-mounted brackets in a near-field setup.

However, the Atom is far from the most powerful amp in the world and the Iotas are tiny, so of course bass response is limited. It’s not the setup I would ideally use to reproduce full-scale orchestral crescendos for example. But if you can live with that limitation, I’d definitely recommend them.



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