Nova Not Discoverable by IOS Apps

Ongoing Problem: When Not Listened to for 1 Week-Nova Won’t Connect to IOS App

Current Problem: Haven’t Listened for 1 Week: Can’t Connect AT ALL

On rare occasion, a week will pass without listening to my Nova. When attempting start-up with the IOS app, I often run into trouble. After numerous attempts—the app will finally “find” the Nova and everything works.

This time, it’s been a week-plus and I cannot get the Nova to respond to the app at all.

  1. App tells me Nova is connected to the same WiFi as my IOS device.
  2. However neither iPhone nor iPad will connect to Nova (all are on save WiFi)
  3. Re-booted router.
  4. Wireless router signal: 279 Mbps
  5. All other WiFi devices in home work
  6. Bluetooth streaming DOES work:
    a. IOS Bluetooth is “on”
    b. Nova Bluetooth is set to “on”
  7. App fails to connect/trigger Nova.
  8. Left home for several hours assuming Nova would power off as usual. Came home and unit still on. Remote turned it off.

I’ve read in this forum that Naim has connectivity issues due to firmware/software issues. I had a Star that I returned due to what was identified as a firmware/software issue causing momentary “gaps” in the playback to ripped CD’s playing from an external hard drive.

Does anything think my issue is the result of a firmware/software issue? If so, does anyone know if there is a fix?

This problem has been reported in several different threads (have a search) and it is a problem that Naim are aware of as I understand it. Look out for an app update (date unknown).

Have you tried restarting the Naim app? So swipe it up and away then reselect it.

Another thing you could try would be to connect the Nova using Ethernet rather than WiFi. You can buy a cheap cable long enough to just lie across the floor from your Nova to your router. Any old cable will do and Amazon will deliver it the next day if you choose the right supplier. Plug it in, turn the Nova off at the mains (not just using the front panel button) and turn the Nova on again.

This is the iOS app loosing comms, its not the Nova connection.
IME it can fail to connect (Finding Devices) but will eventually connect. Once the connection has been established, it may last for hours or minutes, there is no pattern or sequence that I can find that causes it to fail again.

Naim are aware

Why do the screen shots show your Apple devices trying to connect to the Nova Wi-Fi Direct, which is only used for initial Wi-Fi setup? Your Nova should be connected to the Wi-Fi of the router. Your Apple devices should also be connected to the Wi-Fi of the router. Looking at your Wi-Fi list you seem to have a Wi-Fi extender in operation. I have never had much reliability when using them. They are OK for basic internet access but not good for local network streaming (between devices). I would always suggest a MESH system if you need extended coverage. I use an Orbi system with 3 nodes and never have any issues with ANY device.

Excellent input. Regarding the screenshot and the direct connectivity, I was attempting any sort of connection to run down the list of solutions.

Secondly, negative on the extender. I do have extenders in the home, but the WiFi router I use to support my Nova is not an extender.

Lastly, this morning, I went ahead and totally unplugged the unit as opposed to powering it off. Then powered back on and went through the set up process, and I did gain access to the network again.

I read in another string that a DHCP solution where you “fix” the address might be a solution which I will try next.

Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful reply.

It would be worth checking to see if there is a firmware update for your router. Not only can this fix bugs but is essential to keep cyber-secure. Also, turning the router off, waiting, then turning it on again may help. The fixing of an IP address for the Nova in the router may help, but usually points to a router firmware bug.
If your router is over 3-years old then maybe it is time for a change.

I had previously checked and no firmware update was required. The router is less than three months old. I’m going to try the DHCP and solution and report back.

Hi, dhcp should work, there is no great need in most home networks to fix any ip addresses. Certainly Naim streamers should work perfectly via dhcp. Make sure the streamer is connected to your wired network (best) or WiFi if impractical. While troubleshooting I would always use wired even if you temporarily have to have a trip hazard wire running through your house.

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I’ve been getting the same message with a Mu-so II. Unplugging/restarting the Mu-so cures it.

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