Nova not playing HD Tracks files on Roon

I’ve had the Uniti Nova for about 1 month with latest firmware. When I play my Hi Res FLAC 24 bit music files from HD Tracks, anything above CD quality, it will play just the first 5 seconds, splutter and then stop! I am convinced it is a problem with the Nova. When I play back the same Hi Res music files on my Bluesound Node 2i it is perfectly fine. Of course playing back in non native mode using Airplay mode is fine. I am using a QNAP NAS running Roon server into all my devices. I have a mesh Wifi ORBI RBR850 router with 1 satellite. I’ve had no problems with bandwidth. I’ve tried everything and can’t find the problem. What is going on?

Is your nova connected via WiFi or wired connection?
Are you using roon native or connecting via other means, chromecast or airplay for example.

I’m using WiFi in native mode. You cannot play Hi Res (>CD) using Airplay. I’ve posted this on Facebook group, everyone said use wired connection. It works with a wired connection, but I still want to know why the Bluesound Node 2i delivers full 24 bit 384 kH without a wired connection. Ahh well…another ugly cable tangling behind the console.

Hi @Inverted8

As you are using Roon, the Naim side doe very little in the equation as we get lossless decoded stream to play.

I would suggest raise a support ticket with Roon as they can pull the logs out of their server side and hopefully see what is going on.

I use Roon on Naim kit under a wealth of wifi and wired conditions and if the network is up to it, 24bit 384kHz works fine on all network interfaces.

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Steve Harris
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Naim Audio Ltd.

Ahh Thanks, I’ve just posted up on the Roon support page.

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