Nova not showing IR favourites picture

This morning when turning my Nova on (on Radio 2) I was surprised to see a black screen, but hear hear sound. Pressing the remote “more info” button (the quaver with 3 adjacent lines) produced the station name and stream details as expected, but no picture.

This is the same for all 6 favourites. All was fine when I put it into standby yesterday.

If I go into IR and select the same station, the picture shows, both full screen and on the “more info” view.

Pictures show if I play from UPnP so it seems to be limited to IR favourites only.

I do occasionally get the issue with the home screen others have described, but this doesn’t seem related as that’s cleared by a power down/reset and this isn’t.

If I reallocate the favourite I get the picture back, but doing that for all favourites is going to be a pain.

Anyone else seeing this, or have a solution ?

Mines doing exactly the same, works ok with Tidal but not with internet radio.


Same here. A premium feature?

So it isn’t me going mad then ? Perhaps it’s the Nova going mad ? :slight_smile:

All was okay this morning when I turned the Nova on, though it did take a few seconds to produce the picture/icon (it came on in details view, which is odd). It’s held all day - 13.5 hours and counting

Did a reset then deleted all of the pre-set radio stations and then re-saved them, all ok now. These Novas are so frustrating!


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