Nova oddities

Over the last 2 days I’m having oddities with the Nova.

It’s consistently not being found by Audirvana whereas a Bonjour services app finds it in macOS.

I’ve had lots of dropouts, albums playing only a single track and now a real odd one - playing an album via the Naim beta app on iOS I can start/pause/restart but not control volume even though the slider moves.

It’s on current release firmware not a beta.

I think it points to a LAN issue in some ways but I restarted the router yesterday (Ubiquiti).

A few days ago I tidied some stuff behind the setup and replaced an old Netgear switch with a newer TP-Link one and took away a few network devices including a Philips ‘hub’ for remote lights and moved an Apple Time capsule to another place. Hmm, maybe the TC is the issue, it’s working ok, but has taken the ethernet feed from my Mac Mini and I’ve connected the Mini to the TC switch section.

Is it still happening if you restart your router, wait, then restart the Nova and install the app again.
I guess you have done that, but we never know.

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Definitely weird - suspect something to do with DHCP Leases - QObuz desktop app is offering me Philips Hue lights as a DLNA/UPnP output option!

iTunes can see Nova as an Airplay device, Roon can see it as a RAAT endpoint, but neither Qobuz app or Audirvana 3.5/STudio can see it.

Pc and computer world is weird. As mains and electricity. We can never predict strange behaviours.
This morning I tried to see my Melco server on the network, on my pc. It appears a few minutes then disappeared. No way to see it again. Hopefully I can download the music on an usb stick and put it at the back of the Melco. Then Melco downloads it.

I hope you will resolve your problem.

Thanks, you too!

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