Nova on standby cost

Don’t know if this has been posted before, but wondering roughly does it cost to leave a nova etc on standby annually? Cheers

That would be £4000 per year at current electricity prices :grinning:


You just need to look in the manual for the Nova consumption and multiply it by the price of your electricity provider.

Without making any calculation i can tell it is not worth worrying about.

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It’s the same as the atom which I calculated and at current energy costs is a few quid a year based on the current price cap rates.


Doubt thats enough to be honest. :upside_down_face:

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The manual says “Network standby mode: <2W”, so thats <£5.18 a year on the current UK capped rate, going up to about <£9.11

Nothing too much to worry about I hope


Note, these 2W only apply unless some reasons prevent the Unitis to switch over to their small standby power supply.
Having a USB device connected, or some HDMI modes can inhibit this (due to increased power needs). I think there was a 3rd reason (server mode on, which IMHO only makes sense, once you have a drive connected anyway).

I’m actually measuring power consumption for some equipment here at home. Nova is on the list; maybe I can move this forward to be next.

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Yup, you are right, I have the same issue with my NDX2 which does have a USB attached, so it doesn’t go into Network Standby mode. With regard to server mode, I would expect it should still remain under 2W, as that is what the mode is for, to listen out for server requests from other network players

Server mode also keeps the main PSU alive as it’s required in order to make the built in UPnP server discoverable to other devices as well as powering the USB drive from which the files are served.

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“That would be £4000 per year at current electricity prices”

About the same as it cost to buy the Nova, so I guess that means it’s affordable, right? :wink:

Your right, I was thinking of my SU which doesn’t have a stand-by option.
Maybe I was just dreaming Nova next ?

I have Nova/NAPSC and Oppo UDP 205 on an extension lead.

With the Nova/Oppo in standby consumption of all 3 is around 6W.

The Nova uses an extra 25W when powered up - no difference with or without a USB stick in the front USB socket. Server mode is off.

I re-enabled auto standby mode last week, as otherwise even if unused for 24 hours it is consuming just over 1 kWh - 30p now, nearly 60p in October, who knows next year.


I’m currently at 40p a day, although my Solar panels reduce that. I have however decided that my aim is to reduce energy use on other devices before looking at the HiFi.

It seems solar panels and a large matching battery stock is the investment way to be independant.

Not convinced about batteries in all cases at their current price, but Solar I believe in most cases is a no brainer

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Short update on my Nova: a quick measuring round (with a “smart switch”; decent but not professional equipment):
0 W when off. (Something must power the LED, but my switch says 0.00 :wink: )
1,5W when in network connected stand-by, with an Ethernet cable plugged in.
24 W when in network connected stand-by, with an additional USB-drive plugged in. (*)
28-38 W while playing internet radio or from the USB-drive, with volume up to 33/100 (66/100, with max=50, actually) - but I guess that’s music, level, and speaker dependent.
During initial boot it took up to 60W, just for anybody interested.

So the same as for Alley_Cat.

Will leave it maybe a bit for more use cases, but don’t actually expect differences in between the straming variants or SPDIF-input. Won’t keep it in place, though.

(*) So now I have the numbers to “it’s warm in standby with USB-connected” and “I don’t want that 24/7”. So in this case the “standby” essentially switches off the display?

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What is interesting to me is your up to 38W playing audio as my usage is almost certainly different.

I originally got the Nova when my older Naim stuff was in storage, and initially I enjoyed it using Epos ES14s. The plan was for the Nova to be the heart of a second system but things have not transpired in that way, at least not yet!

I later added a NAP 250 to the Nova, which added a little more grip, though somewhat different sonic character.

These days the Nova is serving as a ‘source’ via RCA out to my NAC 282/active SBLs.

Unlike the older all in ones you cannot power down the power section of the Nova - I have no speakers directly connected but am a little surprised to see you are only using maybe 8-10W more than my Nova on playback when I have no speakers directly attached.

Allowing for measuring accuracy with simple uncalibrated meters, this fits with my calculation I just did in another thread

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I get similar figures to @PhilippVH on my Nova,this was measuring via my smart meter.