Nova powers itself on when router connection lost

Hi. I have been pulling the power cable out from my Nova when not in use, once the unit has gone into standby. This is because when in standby (off) it has woken me up at night because the blue router light dropped out. When this happens, the power down slight pop from the speakers occurs. While the router is sorting itself out getting back to solid blue (bt) it can cause the Nova to repeatedly power on/off. The Nova is connected to the bt router via a short chord ethernet cable. I do not use any drives or other devices. Server mode is off. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

First is to turn off the router, then power off Nova completely. Leave for a short period, switch on router and only switch on Nova again, after say 15 minutes, longer if you can.
Which BT home hub is it? Sounds like you are loosing internet connection. Is this FTTC?
BT IIRC have an automated line check, which you should do. If it is not the latest BT HH box, try asking BT for a replacement. The Nova is likely receiving a command from the router which is causing it awake. Resolve the router dropping connection first.

If you are unable to resolve the issue, you will need to speak to your dealer or email support at Naim, for guidance. Pulling the ethernet plug on the back of my Nova, does not create any unexpected event.

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