Nova Price Drop

It looks like the Nova USA price just dropped from $7,495 to $5,999. Anyone know why?

Dealers doing what they can to prevent bankruptcy?

Could be. Star down to $4,999. Price of other Naim products seem to be unchanged. The price drop seems to be at all US dealers with online sales channels.

My interpretation of this is that those are the products that are in greater quantities in the existing supply chain and which will typically demand healthy margins for the dealer network.
Bare in mind that the dealers are currently reliant on what is already in the distribution chain as the Naim factory is currently offline and as such not feeding new products out to the distributor network.
If they can sell what they have and still make some margin on a sale and keep the books balanced then they’ll do so, it’s the same with existing demo kit in circulation, now is a good time to seek out trade in and upgrade deals especially if you have higher demand boxes you’re willing to trade in and which a dealer may already have demand for. Things like Supernait 2’s for example are in high demand and commanding healthy resale values.

There were other price drops in the U.S. NAP-300 down $1000 to $14k, NAC-252 down $1000 to $11k, NAC-282 down $1500 to $7500. XPS and SuperCar down a couple hundred. Some things went up. NDX2 up a couple hundred.

It wouldn’t be individual dealers, it would have to relate back to the distributor. Which is owned by Naim.

Any business looking to turn inventory into cash is probably being pretty smart right now.

The US $ is riding pretty high for no apparent reason, perhaps that allows them the margin to weather CV…

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