Nova screen

!!! Nova screen jammed yet again! How many years are Naim going to take before they resolve this issue?

Given they use the same screen and, I think, same software, I wonder why the Atom screen doesn’t appear to have the same issues? Getting on for 18 months of ownership, and my Atom’s screen has been faultless!

Are you on the 3.2 version?

No, I’m on 2.6.1. Perhaps that’s why I’m having no problems! I’ve never been an early adopter of anything - I’m still at least 2 versions behind on my iPads and iPhone!

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That’s why I asked. I upgraded and it’s made a big improvement to the sound. The downside is the frozen frame. Naim really should have sorted it by now.

I love the sound I’m getting at the moment (into Neat Iotas) - I think I’ll hang fire before upgrading!

The update definitely improves the sound, although you have to turn it off at the mains a few times before it kicks in. The downside is screen freeze.

Screen Freeze issues should be fixed with the latest update. See here:

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