Nova streaming breakdowns

I have just bought a second-hand Nova. It worked fine for a week but now it stops streaming and freezes. I have to unplug it and then switch it back on. It works for a while and then the same thing happens again. It is not under warranty. Any ideas and if I want to send it to Naim how do I do that?

Contact your local Naim dealer for any servicing needs. Or indeed to troubleshoot your issue.

Try a factory reset and software update…

Are you streaming local files or from a streaming service? Could very well be your network/router or ISP and not the Nova itself

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Thank you. The Nova is in my garden room which is some way from the router. I will try it in the house and double up with a reset (the firmware is up to date)

… streaming Qobuz. Will check with local files. The app is not “seeing” the Nova and the on off light and volume switch are flashing/pulsating on and off every 2 seconds or so

yes try it in the house and connect directly to the router with a network cable as a test to rule out wifi funnies, not sure what the pulsating is indicative of but perhaps someone else can chime in