Nova streaming into a Power Amplifier

Hi, if I connect a Uniti Nova via the RCA analog output to a Power Amplifier - will that work, stream in a good quality without destroying anything?

Lame question, I know… :slight_smile:


Yes. There shouldn’t be any issues doing this. What power-amp are you connecting the Nova to ?

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I bought a Nova……great product, added a Nap250dr….then a 300 dr……a very lovely tumble down the hill into 500 territory. I am loving it….but you might want to decide how much is sensible to spend. And then work back from that with a good dealer to get the best result for your money.

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The Nova into a 250DR is a fairly common combination and does sound good. If you don’t want to stretch to a 250 then you could possibly go for a 200 but I am not sure how much of an upgrade that would be over the Nova alone.

What were thoughts and impressions going from the 250DR to the 300DR?

The 300 dr just gives extra grip on the speakers……but with some extra musicality……but-on a Nova was a bit over the top😁

That makes some sense to me. I once listened to a 272 (bare) with a 300DR, and it was a complete party animal. A lot of fun, but unrefined, and a good example of how a revealing amp needs a top quality source.

Interesting. What speakers are you running? I’m currently feeding a pair of Focal Kanta 2s from a 250DR, which is being fed from a Nova. It’s not the most ideal system, but it’s what I have at the moment, and I’ve been pretty impressed with it.

I had a Nova which i bought with PMC 25.26……i then decided shortly after to buy a ex demo 250 dr……a nice upgrade. But a slippery slope and an ex demo 300dr soon turned up….now 552/500.
Speakers are now Naim Ovator s600.

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A NAP250DR is a massive upgrade from the power amp section in the Nova and you get a DIN cable in the box to make it easier to use the preamp out facility.

Nova is a very capable one box all-in-one player.
Any general claim that adding a NAP to a Nova is a massive upgrade is IMHO wide of the mark.
It certainly is not a cost effective standalone upgrade. As always, an extended listening session is essential.

I have long owned both Nova and still have its earlier equivalent, Superuniti, in addition to a full separates system.
Adding a NAP 250DR, given its cost as pretty much, the same again, the gain is hard to justify.
I have a NAP250DR and I’ve tried against matched speakers with the Nova.
If a spare NAP250DR is available, perhaps as part of a planned upgrade path to separates, the result will very much be a case of ymmv, depending on room and speakers.
If the Nova is used with mis-matched speakers, then a NAP may be an option, but in a balanced system, the Nova does not require additional amplification.


What are examples of matched speakers, in your opinion?

Good question - speakers though are very personal. Listening and dealer demonstration is always wise. Source first is often considered a good starting point - adding a NAP to a Nova can’t enhance the other aspects of a Nova. It then becomes something of a mullet system - qv subject threads. Nova on its own is a first rate single box system. The alternative is separates, where source first becomes an option; plenty of threads with Nova v separates. If a replacement for NAC-N 272 emerges, at a price point not too dissimilar to Nova, then expectations, including mine, will be that it will outperform a Nova + NAP.

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