Nova switched itself on loudly!

We have been away for near enough 6 weeks. Canada and a following medical issue meant I have not been back to the apartment until last night.

I left my uniti nova on standby as Naim recommend and the bt hub was on as usual. We were at Silverstone this weekend for probably one of the best British Grand Prix ever, (sir Lewis’s history making ninth win there and his 104th overall) but in the very early hours of Saturday morning, my next door neighbour phoned me to ask of my whereabouts. The reason: despite nobody being in the apartment for at least three weeks, the nova had apparently just spontaneously switched itself on and was playing radio 5 live at a very high volume. He was not pleased! The lady upstairs was extremely upset and had left her apartment and gone to a friends to sleep! Talk about being ‘persona non grata’.

All very embarrassing.

Fortunately I managed to remotely access the hub and restart it which sorted the problem out. My neighbour was very gracious and thankful for that. But he was really unhappy. My very good landlord has access to my apartment and I asked him to switch everything off including the hub which he did on Saturday morning.

Has anybody else had such an experience? This is not good. What could have caused this? I don’t believe in ghosts btw so sensible suggestions gratefully anticipated.

There is a known feature of Spotify Connect where it will connect to (I believe) the last device used. So if someone has streamed Spotify to your Nova, then the next time they use it they’ll connect over the Internet to the Nova. Unfortunately if they’re using a phone and expecting to hear music they’ll probably use the volume buttons, which raises the Nova volume, potentially to maximum as they can’t hear it. It’s a feature of the way Spotify Connect works I’ve read here. I don’t use Spotify so can’t confirm.
Could that be the issue?


Sample thread on the issue.

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I’m not familiar with the Nova but could someone have accessed it remotely from outside your property - either deliberately or by mistake, and caused it to start playing? Bluetooth or Apple Airplay or access through your BT Hub somehow? Just exploring all possibilities.

On our Macbook Air there are several neighbouring networks visible that appear to be unsecured.Presumably, if the fancy took me, I could access any devices on these and control them! I would never do that - but no doubt some folk would if only for a giggle.

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That was my first thought, but why Radio 5 Live? It’s most odd.

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I know, it’s surprising, but all I could think of. As it’s a Nova with a paired Zigbee handset it’s unlikely to be a errant remote sending commands.

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Thanks HH. I was listening to radio 5 live before I left and it is one of my * Favourites so perhaps it came on as a default ?

I could just switch it all off at the wall (I have a Muso 2 and rel S/510 on the same music works power block lite) but I actually don’t like to because sometimes the nova has an error code when restarted which requires yet another restart! Don’t think it’s very good for all the sensitive electronics inside it and the Muso 2!)

We turn our Nova off when we go away for more than a night. Just put it into deep sleep with a three second press on the standby button and then turn it off at the wall.

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Thanks but at that time of the day! We live in a very secluded building which is away from roads and people. My Hifi is in the middle room of our apartment so well hidden….also happens to be next door to my neighbours main bedroom unfortunately!

I am really perplexed by this. Weather has been pretty bad recently though. It is north wales. Could it be secondary to some sort of electrostatic storm clouds??

My daughter connects her Spotify with it but through the internet when she is staying at the apartment. Other than that she lives on the Wirral! And I am pretty sure that she would not be listening to radio 5 live at that time of the day!!

Thanks for the suggestions however

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Thanks: good suggestions and settings adjusted accordingly!

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That’s interesting. Could this have somehow happened my mistake I wonder? Stranger things have happened. Might just be worth checking with her. Other than that I hope you find the solution. This is one of the disadvantages of modern devices - the vast functionality and complexity can cause all sorts of unexpected and unfathomable happenings.

If you want to ensure that your daughter doesn’t inadvertently play music to your Nova when she’s not in your home, ask her to open her Spotify app, go to Settings > Devices and select ‘Show local devices only’.
This will ensure that your Nova isn’t listed as a potential player when she is elsewhere.
You cannot prevent it at your end unless you power down your Nova. Muting it, turning off the Spotify input etc. will all be overridden by any Spotify Connect app.

This, of course, has nothing to do with your mysterious Radio 5 incident - unless your daughter used Spotify to play a R5 podcast.