Nova - The gear that keeps giving

As some may know i have settled and stopped on a humble Nova, totally stopping the planned NDX2/SN2 and probably beyond given my prior box upgrade mentality leading to stacks of Mana phases and a full active olive system.

I decided i wanted to aim for a full loom Synergistic Research loom, so started the next step with the remaining power cables - DARN WHY DID I SELL my SR Ethernet cable

Current setup:
Naim Nova, Innuos Zenith, Audiophilleo 1 MKSE, Cisco 2960 and Focal 1008be2.

Current Add ONS
Naim Fraim, Wireworld Starlight USB and Ethernet (choice to match the Audiophilleo)

Synergistic research - Nova (Power cable, MIG2.0, SR Orange Fuse), Innuos (MiG2.0, SR Orange Fuse) and Cisco 2960 (SR Orange Fuse), Focals (XFT Carbon).

Innuos (MCRU BELDEN power cable) and Cisco 2960 (stock Naim power cable)


I swapped out the Innuos MCRU cable first including the SR Orange plug fuse and then the Cisco 2960 Naim cable with SR Orange plug fuse, for a basic SR Red UK plug with a factory installed Black fuse (no easy way to swap to the SR Orange).

Swap 1 to the Innuos was assessed using 4 varied well known tracks, but each swap over yes means a total power down and power up. This only provided some subtle gains in vocal clarity, soundstage and airiness, so overall disappointed.

Swap 2 was the Cisco, same process. This time a very surprising gain in clearer vocals, more micro detail, wider soundstage towards the listener, but also more airiness and and effortless quality which just made you want to keep listening, very engaging.

Downside it was a bit fatiguing, in the sense of too much coming at you, but i find the SR stuff takes a good 150-200 hrs t come on song.

So big surprise that the Cisco 2960 shows the biggest gain, or maybe it was the sum of both.
This has also scuppered my Innuos PhoenixNET switch plans now.

Nova just keeps giving more, i have never owned a box that has gone this far beyond the law of diminishing returns.


Moved from a five box system to a Nova (via a Rega) , happy with it.

With a cataract, dodgy knee and the system being in a dark corner, it was important to have as simple a system as possible whilst maximising sound quality . The Nova ticked the box

In the last three years , I have gone from unwieldy PMC FB1 ( with two incisional hernias - they were the elephant in the room) to Harbeth P3ESR, the Rega 3 went to a Technodec then a Clearaudio , and the Blu Ray Player went from a humble Onkyo to a rather swish Pioneer Universal Player. The DAC side of the AV system went from an even humbler Project to a UnitiQute.

So box count down, flexibility up and I still get a delicate sound . Perhaps less on full bass and orchestral. The CDX2 remained from 2002

Mistakes (I’ve had a few) , but the only question mark being the Harbeths and whether an easier load will get better results


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