Nova to NAP300DR


I notice that the Uniti Nova has a single Analogue Out, whereas the NAP300DR has two separate input channels - what’s the best way to connect them?

Thanks, Carl

You need to get a 4 pin Din to two XLR lead made up. Flashback sales can supply them - just tell them what you want it for. I’m assuming you realise that a Nova and 300 is not an ideal long term solution.

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Thanks, why do you not consider it to be an ideal long term solution?

I would ask Naim to make such a cable.

Because the source and preamp in the Nova are not really up to the standard of the 300. I have a 300 that I use with my 272, but I didn’t get the 300 until I had a 555PS for the 272. The chap who bought my 250DR added it to his Nova and didn’t feel it made a huge difference. Rather than a Nova/300 you could perhaps look at an NDX2/282/200DR. The 300 could make sense as a stepping stone to something like a NDX2/PS/282/300 if that’s the sort of plan you have.

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I have done exactly what you would like to do. My dealer made up the cable. It was a lot of fun, but i always was going to move on, as i was waiting for the new streamers. Wise words from HH , if you are going to stick with that combination, better sound quality from other Naim combinations.

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I agree with HH, source first. When I had a Nova, I upgraded the streamer first.

Thanks guys, my only realistic option (space restrictions) is to replace the Nova with a NAC-N272. Any thoughts on whether it is worth swap?

I get the feeling that the NAC272 must be inline to be replaced soon, and also the used value on them is so low, makes trading the Nova a bad decision financially, and I really don’t want to have to go through the selling process on the Nova

I wouldn’t use a bare 272 with a 300. I’d only get a 300 if I already had a 555PS. 272/XPSDR/250DR is a great three box system. If you could get good money for the Nova and get a 272 cheap then money wise it could be ok, but only if you can manage without the Nova’s features. Are you set on the 300 for some reason?

I’ve been able to get a NAP300DR at a great price, my speakers are quite hard to drive, from what I’ve read the 300 will do a good job…

In that case, just get a din to XLR pair lead made up and enjoy it.

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