Nova vs Supernait 3 with HiCapDR and NDX2

If it’s any help I’ve found myself with a SN3 + NDX2 on a full Fraim rack.
If you can cover the cost I’d be inclined to do the Fraim first and take that up front hit otherwise you’ll be always pushing it out to later phases and it is very much an integral part of a complete system.
If you have a dedicated rack already then XPS DR first could work and I tend to agree I’d max out the source first then tinker with the NAIT preamp by adding a HiCap.
I came from a SN2 + HiCap DR + ND5 XS2 on an Isoblue rack and whilst they’re quite similar systems they perform very differently. I hadn’t expected the move to a SN3 to be as enjoyable and thought I’d miss the HiCap more than I actually have.
It’s a topic of interest also for me as I had looked at adding a new amp to the front channels on a 5.1 system and looked firstly at a Uniti Nova but now my thinking is I may actually add a SN2 and later maybe an ND5 XS2 (my last main system oddly) in preference to the Nova.
I’d actually prefer the Nova on space alone and that it won’t have me adding more stuff to it!
I’d be interested to hear of those going from Nova to Supernait how they feel a Nova would sit in that sort of 5.1 system, it’s a family room so I’m not overly critical about it being the last word in refinement hence my leaning towards the Nova.
Hope the above helps OP anyway!

I would also recommend starting with the XPS DR prior to the HiCap DR, the uplift is worth the cost. With racks there are a number of vendors who offer solutions and if you use the search feature and type in ‘racks’ you will find plenty of information.

Good luck with your decisions and enjoy the journey…

I haven’t, I use an Isotek power board that also has a power filter, to reduce my mains noise and it’s been very successful. Seperate mains are not necessarily a silver bullet, depending on how easy it is to do, and whether there are sources of noise pollution external to your house.

My system is on the end of a dedicated mains radial circuit with only the Hi-Fi on that circuit.
I ran in all the cabling during renovation work then had my electrician terminate and certify the work to current installation regulations (UK).
I’m using 2 twin MK switchless sockets on that with 10mm twin and earth cabling, all standard kit in essence. I can’t recall the circuit breaker type but it’s either a 20 or 32 Amp breaker from memory.
Local installation requirements and regulations apply as always with any electrical installations so depending on where you’re located in the world verify the requirements and have a qualified electrician do all the termination and certification work without exception.

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Which isotec power board do you use?

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I have the Sirius on my main system and a Polaris on my second system.

What plug do you use with the sirius as I am currently looking at that

I am curious i was looking at the sirius or a rus andrews equivalent but do you use a naim power line with the sirius?

Hi @Biblobong, I use a Sequel cable with the Sirius. Since then I’ve added Naim Powerlines to the rest of the system, from the Sirius to the black boxes. Either option is probably fine, it really comes down to what is affordable. Some of the Powerlines I grabbed when they came up second hand.

Hi Mike,

I was reading that if you use american plugs with the two prongs that can help sound quality have you heard this? I am guessing that due to their lower current we couldn’t use american equipment in the uk?

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Ah, I’m in New Zealand, our voltage is the same as the UK.

Mike_S thank you I got myself a sirius and it totally helped. Living where I do my power isn’t brilliant to the house. It’s made everything sound fantastic. I know naim suggests not to use one but its made a hell of a difference thanks again

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That’s great news, I’m glad it worked out well. I think the advice around power conditioning is a bit old school, the technology has moved on, and products like the Isotek are quite commonly used with great results - across the board improvements without any loss of dynamics. What’s not to like?

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