Nova with 250DR, upgrade path?

Hi, everyone.

I’m in South Korea, and enjoying Nova-250DR-Marten Duke2 with streaming services.
Nowadays, I’m thinking about upgrading NOVA to preamp + streamer while sticking to Duke2.

so the questions are as below. those are what I find in the shop in Korea.
Option1: Buy NAC252/NAP300 set ($8000 around)
Option2: Buy NAC282/NAP250 set ($6000 around)
Option3: Try something else (than NAIM)…

and If I bought 252/300 duo, can I use both 300 & 250, connecting 2 different speaker system? Like 300 to Marten, 250 to JBL…?

Don’t forget you need power supplies for those preamps. Is that factored in your budget?

Either are sensible upgrade routes. You will see a lot of discussion in the search about 282 vs 252. Some prefer the former sound character. I have never had a 282 but for what it is worth I enjoyed my 252 but feel you need the DR supercap to make it really sing. There are a variety of p/s options for the 282.

I think the second part of ypur post mean you want two different power amps connected to two different speakers from the preamp at the same time. I am pretty sure you can’t do that!



Remember you will need to factor in power supplies for the pre amps. The 282 will need a HiCap at least and the 252 will need a SuperCap.
I’m not sure if you have factored this into your budget?
As you already have the 250 DR, I’d go for the 252 and SuperCap if you can but see my comment below re streamer.
You can always upgrade to the 300DR later if you want to. The 252 and 250 are a great combination albeit that the 282 would also be a great match.
All this assumes that you have a streamer in mind? Or are you planning on using the Nova? I’m not sure that would provide the quality needed by the amps in question. (Especially the 252)
And of course, with supplies, you are going to end up with a lot of boxes which will really need a suitable rack to perform optimally.
I can’t comment on your last question but my instinct says it is probably best avoided even if someone says it is theoretically feasible.
Perhaps give us some more details. You will get many options thrown back to you but hopefully they will assist you finding what you want.

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Sorry, @BruceW , I was typing while you replied! :slightly_smiling_face:

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yep, the sets are all included the PS (252 with supercapDR, 282 with SupercapDR & NAP SC).

Thanks for your replies.

the prices above may look cheap, but that’s the price in Korea.
You can buy below with USD $8000 (used one, of course)

In Korea, it’s very hard to find Naim preamp alone, especially for newer boxes like 252/282. most of them are sold as set with power amps.

What I saw in the back panel of 282 (maybe 252), there were several pre-out connections, so I guess I could use 1 for 250DR, and others for 300DR for different speaker pair (I have a Diatone DS800Z in my storage…).

Nova will be moved to other place for sub system, or will be listed on 2nd hands market for sell, if I go to 252 or 282.

So if you are selling your Nova what is going to be your source for music?

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My new source will be Hifi rose RS-150 streamer.

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