Novelty vinyl

Am I alone in starting to get a bit frustrated by all these coloured vinyl releases/picture discs/packages etc?

Taking Californian Soil as an example, Amazon have black vinyl, coloured vinyl, they may have had signed vinyl as well as a box set of 12"/10" coloured vinyl with a CD.

HMV have a different limited edition coloured vinyl or picture disc I’m tempted to buy, largely as the stores have reopened and Amazon have had too much trade during lockdown.

I keep getting email about iconic re-releases from HMV, many are coloured vinyl.

In general I think I’d rather the companies stopped faffing around with novelty releases and simply concentrated on quality standard black pressings and lined inner sleeves that don’t scratch your new records extracting them from tight packaging. Flat records would also help, grrrr.


Yep. I ordered various old school stuff recently and was at first pleasantly pleased to receive a coloured vinyl. The novelty though has worn off. As Mr Ford promoted, all you need is the one colour.

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Oh and packaging. Box, box within a box, multiple boxes within a box, and today box within thick paper envelope. Yes you Bezos.

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Pretty high-end that equipment eh?

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Apparently there was a takeover bid on Naim a few years back but Focal got there first and as they say… the rest is history. :sunglasses:

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You don’t have to buy it.

You lost me there. You do realise that was a tongue in cheek joke, right?:wink:

It seems we’ve lost each other Tony I was referring to Novelty Vinyl. There are some incredibly stiff and pedantic people populating this forum but I do like to think I can spot a bit of a piss take when I see it.

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Black vinyl sounds better than any other color on the spectrum. No piss taken here, just an opinion😁.


In general I’d say yes, but I’ve had some poor black vinyl pressings recently, and multicolour ones that have sounded far better.

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Vinyl isn’t naturally black… So I very much doubt they sound different based on the colour added. Now a picture disc is something very different, so possibly there’s a difference there…

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I think concerns may be more around mixing vinyl precursors in different colours which may have different characteristics sonically.

As far as picture discs go I only have a few, but a Madonna disc for Madame X I think where you can see laminated vinyl on top of the picture layer sounds utterly superb whatever the quality of the music itself. In fact I have been thoroughly impressed with several Madonna vinyl purchases in the last year, well worth the cost.

Always been plenty of coloured and picture disc vinyl since the good old days. I guess these days it helps it stick out as more individual than the other formats. As long as it still sounds as good as a regular disc I have no issues.

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