Now Having To Press Play On NDS

I must have pressed a button or done something wrong.
Now when I select an iradio station on my NDS it tells me on the screen, on the NDS, that it is connecting but it does not “connect”, and no sound comes out of the speakers until I press play on the unit or the remote.
I used to just a press, say the button with the figure one on it on the remote, and the screen would say connecting and sound would come out of the speakers, without me having to press play.
Any advice welcome on how I get it to connect without having to press the play button.
Thank you.

Hi, Have you tried powering down for 5 mins then turning back on. This normally clears glitches.

I suspect it’s working as it should, albeit differently to before. When you pick one of the iRadio favourites on the App you need to choose play before it connects, so it would be logical that it’s the same from the front panel.

I have NDX which has the same control & app system.
Touching an app Preset (Favourites) or any station from the iRadio app listing should start to play without the need to touch ‘Play’

My first starting point would be (as per Mrhappy) would be a system power cycle.
Leave router off for 5 mins to be sure the IPS logs you’re off line, then start the router & let it completely finish the start process, then one at a time, the other stuff.

It doesn’t work like that for me. Until I choose play nothing happens.

Hi Nigel, it must be the way Nova software operates, was it the same with your previous streamers ? If I recall you had a 272, that I believe was the same as NDX/NDS/ND5

I just found Bella Radio TV & it starts to play as soon as I select it from the Italy listing

I suspect that play wasn’t needed with the 272. I was wondering whether something has changed so that the NDS now needs play pressed, but that’s probably wrong as there hasn’t been a firmware update for ages.

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Not with my NDS. Press a preset on the app or remote and it plays

My Nova works like yours.

My 272 and SuperUnitis seem a bit inconsistent. Sometimes they play, sometimes they have a Nova-like screen requiring you to press play. I don’t really understand what is happening, but as it works, I’m not going to worry about it!

Thank you to everybody for their advice.
I don’t now how, but it is back to “normal” , I press one of the numbered keys on the remote and the selected station automatically plays.
Must of been the rain, floods and cold weather that upset it.:slight_smile:

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