Now here’s a question?

I recently moved from a 272/XPS DR/250 DR to an NC 222/250 and, not unsurprisingly, am delighted with the outcome.

I am still pondering whether or not to add an NPX-300 to the 222 and whether to trade my SL speaker cables for KS-1’s to help fund the addition.

In light of the many comments here on the forum, my own listening at my dealer’s demo day and almost all the published reviews, there’s no doubt it will sound ‘better’ but I’d be interested in what do folk think?

As ever, I fear my question may be self answering if not downright foolish, but……


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You already know the answer. Get the 300NPX. Power supplies normally offer vast improvements in sound quality.

The KS1 cable will work very well as they were designed for your speakers. They may not be as good as SL cables but will work well.

Can you borrow the cables and 300NPX feom a dealer at all?


Don’t forget the OC PS options with the correct cables as well! A cheaper way to go I would think. The 555 is superb on the 222.


If he has the 250NC then it would look better with 300NPX but probably sound better with 555PS but then those cables are quite expensive to connect 555PS to 222. Depends how much you can get used 555PS DR for !

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When we listen to our system we are essentially listening to our mains power supply modulated by some music. If you add the NPX300, I think you already know what the outcome will be. If you are loving the sound you are hearing now, you probably don’t need it but when has need ever had anything to do with this hobby. If you can afford it, go for it, I would put money on you not regretting it :blush:

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Trade 222 for bare 333 and 332 rather than buy NPX?? Same number of boxes…

Considering what you had before it’s only a matter of time before you buy the 3rd box, right? Why change a winning concept :person_shrugging:

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