Now Hub 2 Router

I have a oldish Netgear DGN 3500 router that was pretty good but no longer get firmware updates. Next week I am switching to Now Broadband and they supply a Hub 2 router which I suspect is pretty basic. I don’t really want to buy a new bells and whistles router so I thought I would try the Hub 2 and keep the old Netgear as a backup. Does this seem sensible or should I just keep the Netgear?

We have Now Broadband (Fibre) — an economical option that comes with a modest router. Possibly not as lousy as our previous EE router but still…

We bought a used Netgear Nighthawk from the usual place — money well spent…

ISP supplied router are sometimes better these days than they used to be, I suspect because they have to cope with ever increasing demands of HD TV, gaming, etc. so I would try the supplied router first and see if it can cope.

Thanks both. Nighthawk I’m sure is great and a reputable brand but pretty pricey I suspect

I got ours used for about £50 — and it was one of their better models. In any case, rock-solid Wifi. :slight_smile:

For the sake of Cybersecurity you should always replace any internet connected device once it is no longer supported (receiving updates). This applies to everything such as routers, mobile phones, tablets, smart devices (cameras, doorbells, smart plugs), etc. Not following this advice will leave you and your whole home network open to attack and compromise even devices that are updated.

In general if a router is over 4-years old I would replace it.

Yes, totally agree. I think I will use the supplied Hub 2 for now, get rid of the old router and look for an open box or refurbished router for the future - probably Netgear Nighthawk on eBay

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