Now there's a surprise

Mrs Bruss has just asked me to source vinyl LP’s from her youth (1980’s). Good result from the P8 then.

The question is where do I find original good quality vinyl. Re-issues could be the way forward but I’d like to find originals if I can. Any recommendations as to where to start looking?

Discogs is a good bet.


Ebay and Discogs are the logical places - but do ask about playback condition, I’ve learnt now to ask if the discs have been test played prior to sale to assess SQ. Been stung a few times where one persons ‘Mint’ is merely a very good at best. Check out the feedback of the seller on Discogs, as this is usually very informative.

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There’s also, but I only dealt with them once myself, some years ago so no idea really what they’re like.

My brother in law used to frequent car boot sales, and bought quite a few LPs that way, but possibly even when such things return post COVID, I suspect the bulk of vinyl sales have long since passed.

Discogs is good because most of the sellers are private and care about their feedback. Eil staff do not care about vinyl cleanliness unless they are over £100 quid. Their “visual inspection” - their excuse for a ripped sleeve and dirty vinyl - leaves a lot to be desired. Still waiting for partial promised refund. Better seller on eBay, as you get full refund if not entirely satisfied.

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Eil are really good. I’ve bought a lot from them.
Never had a bad LP. They’re not the cheapest, but the quality is there (just seen Tony’s post above, so I can only say - in my experience).

On Ebay, I have a small group of sellers I usually stick with because their descriptions match the goods.


Thanks all. The search starts. The Nolans, Marti Webb, Johny Logan? :slight_smile:

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