Npx 300 psu

I have searched on the forum but I seem unable to find the answer to my question.
Can the NPX 300 psu be used to power the pre amp section of my SN3?

Nope. Previous generation power supplies here (Flatcap,Hicap, Supercap) only.

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You are limited to a Hicap or Supercap. Or a Flatcap, but that would be pointless.

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You could always add the 332 and run the SN3 as power amp only then add the NPX later :grinning:

Excellent source first system you have!


Hi @nicnaim

Unfortunately I do not have room for a power amp, I down sized to the SN3.
Thank you.

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Hi @james_n @HungryHalibut
Thank you both for the clarification.
You do not happen to know the VA rating of the transformer in the Supercap? I cannot find it in the online manual.

It’s 500, or so Richard wrote in a post from 2020

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