NPX 300 vs XPS DR for NDX2

I thinking about adding a PSU to my NDX2. I would be able to try a demo of the NPX 300, but there is no XPS DR demo available. The XPS would have a price of 5300, while the new NPX would have a price of 7000 plus 600 for the special cable.

The NPX 300 is very new. But if anyone you, have experience with the XPS DR and also tried the NPX 300 on the NPX2, it would be nice to hear what they experienced in differences.

There is a promotion on.


Hi Mike, looking at your system, I would say that your streamer will definitely benefit from a separate power supply. Why not try a used XPS DR or even a 555PS?
Either would be a great uplift.

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If the npx 300 = 7000, he’s not in the uk and so would pay for the cable. (Npx300 is £5700).

Find an xps dr on offer; as it’s no longer being made, don’t pay full rrp.


Hi Steve,

Earlier this year I was able to try the XPS DR. And at the same time had a demo of the Ansuz D2 power switch, and the D2 powercable and D2 Ethernet cable and the C2 onthe power switch. I also put the titanium Darkz under the NDX2. This had double the effect of the XPS DR. But also an invest of 4 times the price of the XPS. At that time I could not find space in my rack to install the power switch and the XPS. So I did not try it all together, wich was not so smart afterwards.

In September I have time to rebuild my rack, and find space for the PSU. As you mention, I expect a good result with the XPS, but am curious about the difference between the new NPX and the older XPS :wink::musical_score:.

Have a great weekend

From what I understand, the NPX300 sits between the XPSDR and 555DR. In your system you really do need a PS to balance things out, as a bare NDX2 is rather out of its depth with a 300. The 555 would be my choice, but it rather depends on whether you plan to move to New Classics, in which case a NPX would make more sense. If you buy an XPS or 555 it would be sensible to get a good used example and make a big saving.


Thank you for the feed back. If a recent 555 or XPS comes along I will go for it. I think some will as soon as the new 300 series are on the market.

Have a great weekend

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I don’t want to make a simple question complicated, but…

I tried my NDX2, with and without XPSDR, and ND5XS2. I played them through 82 and 52. To me, the naked NDX2 was plenty good enough to work well with the 82, and the XPSDR really only showed its merits when using the 52.

An 82 is not identical to a 282 and a 52 is not identical to a 252, but in both cases ‘slightly different’ is more accurate than ‘worse’.

When I replaced my 250 with a 300DR, I swapped again and these views were reinforced - with NDX2 and XPSDR in front and 300DR behind, the 82 really was shown up, making things a bit crude and shouty and missing fine detail and air. Putting the 52 back in restored things.

The Wimbledon hifi now has NDX2, XPSDR and 300DR, but all via a 52. If looks mattered, I’d have a 252 to make everything match, but definitely not a 282.

Given all that, I’d suggest swapping in a 252 (or a 52 if you can bear the looks) for your 282 first, then adding XPSDR (and I agree that more should be on eBay over the next year or two). That combo should cost a good deal less than a new NPX300.


Not complicated Nicko. Very clear, and explains a lot.
Exspecially why I was not so happy with the first impression of the XPS DR, when I had a demo earlier this year. While the Ansuz equipment did so much more as expected.

Probably the Ansuz added sauce, made the NDX and 282 perform better, creating a black (stillness) in the system, like I expect of a PSU. While the XPS DR made the Source (NDX2) better, but out of balance with the 282.

The biggest problem, bringing a 252, Is that again there would be a shelve problem in the rack with the SC instead of the smaller Hicap.

Maybe the preamp of the new 300 series, without a PSU is a little better with a PSU on the NDX2. And there is an option in this.

Anyway, I enjoy my music even in the current set up. So time is on my side.

By the way, I think the 52 is super cool. For the looks I would never trade it for a 252.

Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts :pray::pray:


I appreciate the shelf-space issue!

Whatever you do, if it already plays music really well, everything else is fine-tuning.


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