NPX300 on 222

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Delighted with my 222 and thinking about adding an NPX300. I’ve seen posts around the general uplift in preamp/streaming performance, any experiences of the impact specifically for the phono stage and headphone amp? I currently use an external phono stage but considering using the internal one or an NVC TT so also impact on the powered phono input (assume its not like 252 config with separate powered rails from the psu). I tend to buy 2nd hand so reluctant to waste a dealers time on full demo.


I think that the 200 series is like the 252 when powered via external supply, and a dedicated rail then powers the NVC TT. I’m sure I recall a post about it from Naim staff. I’ll try and dig it out

The Naim New Classic Range - Part 2 - #262 by 110dB certainly strongly hints at it

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Many thanks @gthack that’s good to know - must have missed that in the huge volume of NC posts.

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I’ve been looking for that everywhere!!! Thank you very much indeed

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