NS01841D nas drive offline?

To all NS01 owners. Any one out there? I spent £1,800 on a previously owned unit from a naim retailer. With the sole purpose of playing my nasdrive muic on my Hi Fi, All Naim!
The unit works by it’s self ripping storing playback from hard drive etc. But after three months of research buying an Apple Tablet (6) and told my WDmycloud is in compatable I had a synology external DS428PLAY Nasdrive built (as used in the Naim offices) And still canot play. nas shows up on Scannable Network Shares As Active but offline. The Builder of the nas has been increadably helpfull Naim have also tried to resolve issue. To no avail. Has any one wiyh the NS01 had similar dificulty? Can any one suggest a resolve? Naim say no one on staff have been arround when this device was available new. So don seem to be able to help

It’s unfortunate that some very experienced and helpful Naim staff have left (including the one of the original designers of the Naim servers) as setting them up can be a little complicated.
First, can you confirm that you have the most recent 2TB hard drive version? What firmware is it running?

How are you managing the server, from the iphone app or the desktop client on Windows?? If you have any login protextion on the nas it will be helpfull to disable it until you have managed to get the drive online. One other thing that should not be necessary if you are on windows10 is to set the workgroup name on the pc in use and on the nas to “naim”. And the obvious question can you access the folders on your nas drive from your pc?

Hi Chris thanks for reply. I did respond on reciept but didn’t notice the no reply prefix unti this morning , also all this is not my scene I find navigating the forum a challenge, sorrry!
My NS01 has 2 TB Is fermware the software install on the disc supplied it came with 1.7b version now updated to 1.7c Hope thats the answers you were looking for. Additionally I am running Windows 7 professional.
Thanks again
Peter Harry Hutchings

Hi Claus

Desctop client Running 1.7c on Desctop W7 professional. and Nsoi1 for all but playing music from internal server, us Ipad6 for casual interface Nas Has user name & password. I can see foulder created (music CD’s) created to test nas. On PC. I can play them on my Sonos system no trouble. I can also play the ripped to server CD’s on NS01 to The Sonos?

I turned off all my firewalls today and tried things but seem unchanged. Perhaps you could help set the workgroup name on the nas and PC.

Thanks again for your interest. At my wits end wishing I had not bought this Naim.

P Harry Hutchings

Hi Harry, my first question would be who did you buy this from? Was it an authorised Naim dealer? I ask because I think you paid quite a high price for it, given that there’s a dealer in London selling a fully refurbished one for £999, and it’s usual to expect Naim dealers to instal items you purchase from them. OK, it’s not new, but given what you paid, and especially for a device that was originally aimed largely at specialist custom installers as much as private buyers, I don’t think it’s at all unreasonable to expect the dealer to ensure that it’s set up in a way that works for you.
Next question: how is this connected to your system? Do you have a streamer, or is the NS01 connected to a preamp analogue input?

As regards setting up a NAS, what exactly do you want this to do? Are you using it because the internal hard drive isn’t large enough for your music library? Sorry about all the questions, just trying to make sure I understand what you want from the NS01, then with a bit of head scratching, either myself or another forum member might be able to help you.

Thanks so much Chris for taking the time over my predicament. It was a registered dealer I have been using for the last 30 years taken over by Audi T some years ago. I was told the unit was about 3 years old originaly sold by them one owner and had hardly been used since having a new hard drive installed by Naim. This shop always came to my house to install my new equipnent but no offer this time?
No Steamer just the NS01, analogue connection to a Nap 110 & Nac 42 amp & pre amp.I have been ripping my music collection to a WD external nas drive for years to listen via a Sonos system for arround the house casual listening. Having taken the time to rip I am keen to use this music on my HI fi system. I have Wav Flac & some (higher resolution recordings I cant listen to) No MP3 rubbish. So sought The seperate dac route, when I came upon this NS01 when having my amps rebuilt. It could be a repository for future rips & I would not have to re rip those files on the Western Digital My Cloud. The NS01 faild to connect to the WDMy Cloud and went back to the shop after much deliberation between Naim & myself. The shop was instructed to connect it to a similar drive used in the shop. But turns out they only connected to other Naim hard drives such as the Unity serve or other. Conclusion of return of Naim & shop opinion WD not compatable. Hence with Naim consultation I had a Synology nas drive built just for me. As is apparant this does not connect either! With my lack of technical knowledge and poor computer skills I alway feel Hi fi stockists are snobbish about thier equipment and look down on my entry level choices. even if this equipment ammounts to £15k of over the years sales. But Naim and Synology Tec departments have been great but unfortunately no possitive results

regards Harry

Hi Claus did you receive my response to your q’s. It would be good if you could continue our dialog. May I ask is the workgroup is case sensitive as I believe the nas workgroup is set to Naim or NAIM, you mentioned the PC work group set also to naim could you explain how to check or do that. In addition would it also be neccessary to set the NS01 workgroup set as naim?
Regards P. harry H.

If you look at the HDX instructions they should be pretty much the same. Hopefully this link will work. https://www.naimaudio.com/sites/default/files/products/downloads/files/tech_support_doc-network_scanning_hdx.pdf

Hi Harry,
Before trying to figure out why your NS01 can’t find other music stored on your network, do you have plenty of space to spare on the internal 2TB hard drive? If so, I would just transfer the music files from other devices onto that drive, which is pretty straightforward, and you don’t then need to worry about it. If you can find the NS01 as a network drive on your computer, you should see two folders, one called Music, which is for CD rips, and should not be tampered with on a computer. The other is called Downloads, and the purpose of this folder is for you to store any music you want that is not from a CD ripped on the NS01. If you can copy the music files from the other devices into this folder, you should be able to use them.

Hi Harry, do you mean you took your NAS drive to them & it connected ok to a Unitiserve?

If so, as they are exactly the same architecture, this would suggest either a problem with your NS01, or more likely, a problem with your network.

I would suggest taking both components (NAS & NS01) to a different network & seeing what happens.

Could you give me more info about your network? Is everything plug and play, or do you have any static IP address allocations etc?


Edit: re-reading your post it sounds like you took the NS01 to the shop & it connected ok to other Naim hard disc players?

My n/w questions still apply.


Sorry - another edit: When you say the NAS has a password configured - do you mean that the network share is p/w protected? If so, I’d suggest removing it (for testing purposes).


Thank for that advice I have done the down-loads folder thing successfully. But as part of the NS01 abillities is this streaming from other network drives. I have paid out £300 on a tablet to get all the CD metadata not available on my old Iphone. & £700.00 ish on a Synology drive. I want to use it. or return this device as not as advertised! all respect Harry

I can understand your frustration - hopefully use of the Downloads folder will at least allow you to access these music files for now, but yes, the ability to access other music folders on your network is something that should work. In addition, you really should have a backup of the CD rips on the internal hard drive, and that will need to be to a NAS - in fact, the Synology you have would be perfect for that, but only if you can set it up peoperly.

I would suggest that you respond the the post above by @NeilS as he is Naim staff (but seems a bit shy about it!) and may be able to help you investigate this further.

Yes Chris, Synology is set up perfectly with 2 x 3TB in raid for just that. Do you mean the downloads foulder in the NS01 2x2TB is not backed up as the music file is?

Yes, if you are using the automatic backup of the NS01 to a NAS, it can only back up the Music folder which contains CD rips. You need a separate backup routine for the downloads folder. This might seem odd, but in practice, I find that when you download music, you are doing it on a computer, from which it is a simple matter to copy it to a backup location at the same time that you copy it to the NS01.

As neither the dealer nor Naim seem able to get it working I’d return it and ask for a refund. Life’s too short for this level of hassle and it should not be necessary to resort to asking on the Forum how to get it going when neither Naim nor the dealer are willing or able to make it work. The money could be better used by getting an NDX. Load a upnp server on the Synology, control it with the tablet and job’s a good’un.

Thanks for that,

Sorry Whats a NDX is it anything to do withDigital anaulog conversion?

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