NSC 222 And Roon Question

Can anyone be so kind as to how Roon works on the new Naim streamer?, currently I have Roon on a Nuc and a 6Tb hard disc attached to this passing Information onto endpoint , reading the manual about the streamer it says a maximum of 1TB external storage can be attached to the roon streamer?. If this is indeed the case then does that mean the 222 is just an endpoint for local music stored elsewhere on the network?. If anyone can explain if my thinking is correct or not or does the roon management software reside on the 222 like it does on the Nuc?.

The 222 is just a Roon Endpoint. I’m not sure where you read about it having a 1TB limit ‘attached to the roon streamer’ but that doesn’t seem to make sense, as Roon wouldn’t access files on a drive attached to the streamer. It can access files stored in the Roon Core, or elsewhere on your network.

It’s in the NSC222 manual specs, but looks like a mistake as it’s the same storage section copied over from the Uniti Star manual :roll_eyes:

Yes, and that’s nothing to do with Roon which cannot access a USB drive on the streamer, so nothing to worry about.

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An “external portable HDD” is not a networked drive, e.g. a NAS or a Roon server.

Yes I understand that, thanks. I was just pointing out where the OP picked up on the 1TB reference in the NSC222 manual.

Sorry – my answer was accurate but should not have been in a response to your post!


Apologies I was getting confused I was hoping that this new streamer would give me the option of lowering my box count. But as has been said it basically does the same thing as a roopiee and acts as endpoint, ony albeit in a lot nicer looking package it must be said.

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