NSC 222/NPX 300 Burndy issues?

An engineer told me once that if it’s hard to do, somethings wrong. The locking mechanism should be smooth and positive. If it’s not then get the cables replaced if possible. Mole grips etc. if they don’t damage the ring are more likely to break the next weakest link. I know this :wink:

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Mine were both very difficult to lock but I don’t have access to the back of the rack so put it down to this.

Hope I don’t have to undo them anytime soon!

And it doesn’t help that the two Burndy sockets are so close together!


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Yes indeed. Not sure that they are faulty - just difficult.

Hi @Osiris ,

I have found some of the newer Burndy rings to be tight too. Like a NAP 500 Burndy!

Nothing has changed, just some are tight the first few times they are used.

If you find you’re having problems a rubber strap wrench is perfect to help tighten and undo them. They are about £10 from all good DIY stores.



Thanks @110dB ! :grinning:


Yep another “the are too tight/close together” owner.

Perhaps either fix the Burndy locking collars or make the collars with a better / deeper surface profile to get a better grip ?

My dealer obtained a replacement set of Burndies, based on the first set being so tight that they would not lock at all, which locked exactly as they should.

Personally I would avoid all the various wrenches suggested, with the possible exception of the ‘jam pot opener’ shown by @110dB - I can see all sorts of possibilities of forcing a connection that plain doesn’t fit correctly to end badly………


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Is there an official recall on these Burndy’s ?

I went to unplug and move the 333 one shelf up and it was a painful and frustrating experience.

I ended up getting one of those rubber wrenches like someone above mentioned as I simply couldn’t undo it by hand.

It’s quit frankly not good enough.

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Official recall? Not as far as I know, but, as I could not actually physically lock the NPX 300 Burndy connectors on either end, I raised the issue with my dealer and the Burndies were both replaced without hesitation by Naim Support, so full marks there.

I would be wary of using wrenches, be they jam pot lid or Cannon, in the confined space on the rear of the 222 or 300 - as I said in an earlier post, there are all sorts of ways that might not end well…… and I’d be interested to see Naim’s response to a warranty claim for a Burndy socket torn off through using a wrench to release an over tightened connector……. you were doing what ???


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Mine were tight, Naim’s helping you develop some strength you didn’t have.

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Nearly £6k is a bit steep for a gym membership :joy::joy::joy::joy:.