NSC 222/NPX 300 Burndy issues?

I’ve posted on this topic before, but now there are a few (many?) more NSC 222/NPX 300 combos out there, perhaps there might be further feedback?

Has anyone found difficulties getting the supplied Burndy cables to lock when connecting to either of the above units, in that the connection is so tight that the Burndy locking ring will not rotate far enough to reach the ‘click’ locked position?

It would be interesting to know just how many units this applies to?

Perhaps @110dB could comment and indicate any known solutions/work around.


I had an XPSDR like that. The solution was to hold the metal locking ring with a rubber glove, which made it easier to twist.

Thanks for that HH, however, unfortunately, done that to no avail, boo, hiss :cry:.

Other suggestions have included using Cannon connector grips, essentially a plumber’s grip with plastic/rubber jaw inserts, as used in the aviation industry.

As I posted earlier, on £5.7k kit, not really good enough, is it?


Not really, no. I imagine that both plug and connector is made by the Burndy people, so you’d think it would just work without having to be a gym bunny.

I’d speak to Naim Support and maybe they could arrange to send a replacement Burndy pair via your dealer. They were hugely helpful with my Nova issues.

I’ve spoken to my dealer, but you’re probably right - I should contact Naim Support directly. A task for the morning.

Interestingly, no other posts as yet, I could almost believe I was the only case…… except I know I’m not - my dealer has exactly the same issue and at least one other of his customers……

Hence my interest in overall numbers.

Thanks again,


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That’s the way to go. There is nothing that Steve can do. There isn’t a work around if it physically won’t screw up. These things are sent to try us. Naim got a new Nova to me within 48 hours, so a couple of Burndies shouldn’t be a problem.

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Mine were difficult to get into the locked position and undone when I had to move my system for a while. Pretty sure I read it on here - there was a tip to just wiggle the Burndy cable a little whilst turning the ring. Seemed to help in my case.

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IMO, tools should not be needed to get the Burndy collar to lock.

My XPS-S Burndy is not that difficult to lock - between my CDX2 and my XPS2.
Just fingers are enough… :thinking:

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The burndy rings for my 222/555 were pretty tight, both with the legacy to NC xps burndy and legacy to NC 555 burndies. Getting them to click took some effort.

My 222/300 burndie also took some effort. It takes more than a thumb index finger from in front of the unit. I found I needed to get my whole hand behind the 222 to apply the correct purchase and leverage to get the burndie to click into place.

I was very nearly unable to disconnect my burndy from the 222 - it required the kind of force I was uncomfortable applying. When reconnecting I stopped before it clicked into place to avoid having the problem again.


That’s a nice tool

Canon Plug Pliers for Avionics/Mechanical Enginneers………can be bought new on a well known auction site. :blush:

Tell my 300 burndies that.!!

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OC or NC?


So Naim Support have turned up trumps through my dealer, new set of NPX 300 Burndies arrived today. Going to leave them overnight to reach something like room temperature and try them tomorrow.

Interestingly of 10 or so sets delivered, only mine and the dealer demo have exhibited the ‘too tight to lock’ issue. The dealer saw it as only 2, I saw it as 20% which came as a bit of a shock, albeit the sample size is too small to be relevant.

Of course, if the new Burndies don’t work tomorrow, that’s circa 30% :smirk:.



That’s good news indeed. Fingers crossed these work for you. Do let us know.

I have same problem. Did manage to get them to lock but needed grips last night to undo them. My NPX 300 is off to NAIM today, to get a standby relay in it replaced, with the smaller Burndy in the box to see if they come up with a solution.

Hi HH,

The replacement cables are a perfect fit! Lock with a smooth, firm ‘snick’ but not so impossibly tight that a lock cannot be achieved.

My dealer intimated that Naim have reversed an ‘improvement’ they had made to the Burndy connector…… doubt we’ll ever know.

So to anyone else with this NC Burndy issue, I can highly recommend reaching out to your dealer and obtain a replacement set of cables from Naim. Certainly a better solution than Cannon aviation grips….