NSC 222 Phono Input

I am contemplating a NSC 222, but I listen a lot to vinyl and I have a MC cartridge and external phono stage.

Can the MM Phono input of a the 222 be switched off to accept a normal phono feed from my phono stage? Only reason for asking to keep the only other RCA inputs free!

Many thanks


Hi, its a phono input mm only and cannot be changed or bypassed; what you can do is use an external SUT for an mc cartridge.


You can switch it off, but you can’t turn it into a line input. I’ve just bought a Vertere Phono-1 mkII and am using the one RCA line input instead. A very considerable improvement on the built in one, and that’s just with a decent MM cartridge. (AT40VML)

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You can plug your phono stage into the DIN input or the Line Level RCA input. Naim says the DIN input sounds better though and in my experience, I would agree with them. When I tried out an Aria I thought it sounded slightly better into the DIN. Now I am using an NVC I just went with what was recommended and used the DIN input.


I got this Ortofon ST-7 MC step up transformer from Japan.

The cartridge is a Linn Troika rebuilt by David Geffen at Goldring

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David Giffin, I beg his pardon!