NSC 222 remote and front panel instructions

I’d really like a detailed manual on how to operate the NSC 222 front panel and the new Zigbee remote. The product manual doesn’t cover this in any detail and I can’t seem to find anything on the Naim website (of course this may just mean I’m missing something obvious).

Anyone know if this information is available somewhere? I’d prefer not to learn by pressing buttons at random…

Sadly, your findings are likely true. That the Manual is poor - and there is nothing further on the website.

The New Naim Normal…?

But happy to be corrected… by a knowledgeable 22 owner… :neutral_face:

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Bottom line the front panel doesn’t do much (not touch sensitive obviously so just the buttons). Just play/pause and cycle through the ‘on’ inputs / favourites list. You need the remote to do anything else and the app to do any configuration. Knowing how to pair the remote is probably the only trick. -press any button on the front and hold home on the remote for 3 seconds.


Much as I love my 300 series system the NC manuals are terrible! Naim really need to improve on this given the price of the individual boxes; not only are the manuals light on information but I (and others on the forum) have found the content confusing. The drawings are also too small (I ended up reading the download manuals on my Mac).


I work with technology, so I’m used to figuring things out. The Naim app, although it has some poor UX/UI, does generally conform to the way other mobile apps work. The remote just has a bunch of icons on buttons with, feedback on a small screen on the other side of the room. Without a manual, the only way I can find out what anything does is through experimentation and memory. I’m not really interested in treating my new purchase like a puzzle in a computer game…

Same frustration here. Still trying to work out how one standby button can produce four outcomes. However on a more positive note the quick start guide for the ND5XS2 and NDX2 has a picture and explanation of the remote.

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I have only fathomed out two uses of the ‘standby’ function on my 222: network standby (off, via short press, can be woken with the Naim app) and powered off (off, long press, can’t be found with the Naim app, OK to pull the power plug). What are the other two then?

I have only seen reference to your second example on the Forum. I can’t find it in the manual. The relevant part referring to four states (one of which is normal power) states:

‘ 5.6 Standby power settings
The NSC 222 has four power levels: standby, network standby, network standby with an
additional power requirement and powered for normal use.’

Indeed, I’ve read that, but other than ‘network standby’ where the Naim app can wake it up, I don’t really understand what the other options are for and how I would enable them.

That said, I’m happy to leave my 222 in network standby. I’m assuming it puts my 250 into a compatible state as I have them connected with the supplied optical cable for system automation.

Like you I am quite relaxed overall about the other mystery standby setting but occasionally wonder why the manual makes reference to something and then seems to ignore it. However the lack of reference to the need(?) for the long press before pulling the plug should be explicit in the manual. When I asked my dealer about this they were unaware of any need for a longer press.

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The long press was definitely something I found out about on this forum. I can’t remember the actual post now, but it may have been from a Naim employee.

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