NSC 222 streaming brief interruptions

I have recently confirmed to myself and my wife that occasionally we experience brief interruptions when streaming music from my NAS.
The configuration is simple, NAS (QNAP) to switch (TP-LINK) to NSC 222 all with Cat 6 wire.
The NSC is a drop in replacement for my SuperUniti that worked perfectly for eight years, I also have three MUSOs and none of these experience any problems. The regularity of interruption can vary from none to six per night. The interruptions seem to be of the pause then resume nature, i.e. not gaps in the music and typically last from about half to one second - quite annoying! CD quality (16 x 44.1kHz) and HiRes (24 x 96kHz) files are equally effected.
I’m not looking for a “try this”, the unit will be going back to the dealers next week, this is simply recording on the forum my findings.

Thanks for sharing @PHC12. That would annoy me too.

I wonder, have you tried…only joking.

Hope it gets resolved to your satisfaction.

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