NSC222 and NAP250 -XLR wires

Hello New Classic 200 owners,

I am looking for recommandations on xlr cables that you tried and work well with the NSC222 and NAP250

Thank you

Telluriumq ultra black

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I have Chord Co. Epic X aray on mine - definitely better to Naims freebies IMHO!

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Chord Signature TA or better would be my recommendation (tried a couple and decided on these)

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If you’re in the US, you could try AV Options Signal interconnect.

Hi @Jean

I asked a similar question some time ago. Link to the thread is below:

Might be some info in there for you.

Thank you all.

Hi. I also own a Naim 200 classic series trio with Proac D20R loudspeakers, a pair of modified Lintons 85 and 1 pair of Sonus Faber lumina 2 with 2 Rel T9’s subs.

I’m looking for XLR cables, which XLR cables do you have?

I wonder how your Mofi sourcepoint 10 sounds with your system.

Do you like that match?