NSC222 Not Pairing Remote

Some strange goings on with my 222. Factory Reset. Attempt to re-pair remote. Press play and hold down home key for three seconds (as per user manual), volume ring chases and then stops at current volume, volume ring then flashes twice (whole ring) and nothing, remote not paired. Repeated several times with no success. What am I doing wrong?

Occasional press of any remote button causes double volume ring flash but no response from 222?

Sorry, can’t help … it’s too new I guess

Since your remote control is connected to your Wi-Fi network, your network signal must be strong enough for the remote control to pairing to your 222.

Aaah is that the case? So pointing my remote at the Naim logo on the 222 is a waste of effort…

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Yes, old school works poorly in this case :grin:

Its uses this, I believe -

Still think there’s a fault here. The manual says press the play button and then hold the home key for 3 seconds but pressing the play key just either pauses or plays the current track (ie performs the function it is designed for) doesn’t initiate pairing. There is no problem with Wi-Fi as the signal is strong, plus I was able to pair the remote before easily. Factory reset seems to have cocked everything up…

It says press any button. Have you tried another one?

Sussed it. Very important, DURING START UP (ie before the play button or any of the buttons take on their function), press and hold home for 3 seconds. Eureka!!!


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