NSC222 remote bricked?

Very strange behaviour from the NSC222 remote which appears as useful as a brick which even with new AAA batteries (correctly inserted) is totally dead - no response on the 222 for any key depressions. The app works fine. Thought about a factory reset but cannot seem to do it from the app or am I missing something? Are these zigbee remotes prone to bricking? I have a working remote with my Atom can this be used with two systems?

Probably has slightly corroded or dirty battery contacts in the remote. Or there’s a fault. Back to the dealer anyway.

I believe the remotes are paired with the product on setup. So probably one remote won’t work with both products.

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Its from a 222… so its pretty new… so its your Dealer’s problem.

Pls Contact Your Naim Dealer.

Have you tried switching off your 222 and modem a rebooting all? Think that worked for me.

Have you tried re-pairing the remote? Hold it really close to the 222 and press the home button for a few seconds.


Did the remote used to work, then stopped, or have you only just started using it? You are prompted to pair the remote when you first set up the streamer, although my approach is to skip this step and stick the hideous shiny plastic brick back in its box.

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Thanks for the suggestions. The remote had worked consistently for a number of months - had not been used for a few weeks so my natural reaction on finding it dead was to replace batteries. Have now taken out the these batteries and given the battery compartment as thorough a clean as I could manage; we have a very dusty place so always worth it. As suggested upthread I gave the contact points a good rubdown and with a silent proayer to the god of remotes, put the new AAAs back, carefully checking polarities. Well smack me with a kipper - something has done the trick as remote has picked up where it left off and seems pretty happy again. I am guessing that not using for a few weeks may have contributed but I will follow @davidhendon suggestion and clean contacts every time I change batteries. Thanks for the helpful suggestions - the Naim community hive mind is always helpful.


Be mindful how you clean the contacts-nothing too abrasive. I use a fibreglass pencil to remove any tarnishing from battery contacts, unless they are really bad from a leak.