NSC222 versus NDX2

I still have NDS, NDX2 and now NSC222 working in various setups around in home(s) and office(s). One thing I have noticed is the ability of the NSC222 to stream without hiccup and or interruption versus the NDX2. If I send something from my phone it picks it up very quickly. My sense is that it is just more robust in terms of its networking. Does this sound like a reasonable statement / correct ?

This would be enough for me to upgrade over time to the newer platform for ease of use. It might also finally put to bed the oft repeated protestations “this stuff might sound good but it’s a pain in the *rse to use”…. Last heard from another member of the the household who is about the same age and opposite in sex.

What hiccups and or interruption are you having? Been using my NDX2 for a few years and it have not had any streaming problems.


Bluetooth does not connect quickly. Chrome cast drops out, Bluetooth gets stuck and then I can’t exit the menu on the app… general problems with the connectivity is how I would describe it.

And what difference did you noticed on sound quality?

During an A/B comparison at my dealer I thought the NDX 2 was significantly better than the NSC 222.

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As a 222 owner I love it but it is not as good as a NDX2 and the 332 is even better to my ears. That being said the 222 is fabulous, add the NPX300 it is even better.

…thanks for the reply. I do not use Bluetooth or Chrome cast functionality. I only stream from Qobuz, Internet Radio and NAS. Direct connection with internet and NAS has worked well for me and listening to music is consistent and easy.

I hope you resolve the issues you are experiencing.

Just curious, which pre was used in the comparison?

Unfortunately, I have no idea which pre amplifier was used

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Sorry, a typo and poor proof reading strikes again.

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