Nsc222 vs Old Classic

Good morning everyone, I was thinking about the new Classic series and had this question.
Naim has always related the increase in quality to the separation of the different parts of the equipment into different boxes: preamp and power amp, separate power supplies etc. Don’t you think that now with the New Classic series and in particular with the Nsc 222 preamplifier it has gone in the opposite direction by centralising many things (streamer, dac, power supply, preamplifier stage, even phono stage) in one single device.
Thanks for your opinions

Yes although Naim probably started doing this a lot earlier I.e Uniti range or 272 in classic terms. Hifi is a compromise and as a consumer you ultimately have the choice to do what you prefer. Naim just give you the option of an integrated solution, alternatively you could go out an assemble a five box separates solution in your example. Whether it suits your domestic circumstances and sound quality is your decision. It works for me but YMMV.

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I can only speculate but here is the way I would think about it. First, you can add an external power supply to the NSC 222 (the NPX300) so you still have that option (albeit expensive). Second, since the NSC 222 has it’s own power supply in the box it doesn’t need derive its power supply from the power amp if you don’t have, or want, an NPX 300. The compromise is the potential effect of increased electromagnetic interference between the transformer and the preamp circuitry (when both are closer together) vs. the preamp having its own independent power supply. It is notable to me that the NSC222 only has a MM phono preamp and a MC stage is not included. One reason might be that a MC stage has much more gain than a MM phono stage and is therefore much more affected by its proximity of the transformer.

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Yes, it’s a compromise to put more components in fewer boxes, but Naim are clearly responding to demand for simpler systems from their customers. They have been doing this for quite a few years now and I think it’s fair to say that they have learnt more about how to design all-in-one devices effectively, but of course we still see more separate boxes in the higher level 300 series.

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Many things has changed also in the 300 series, and the all in one actually is the least of the changes I think.

Whilst Naim believe that separation of power related circuits from more sensitive areas is optimal, the reports on the performance of the new 332 preamp, for example, show that Naim can achieve very high standards with signal and power circuits in the same box. The 332 without power supply is supposed to be better than a 282 which is a great sounding preamp. A few years ago, I had a 272 and thought I needed nothing more, so Naim are definitely exploring the art of the possible and getting great results. Of course, other companies have been combining source, low level signal and power in some very high end single box options, so I guess, when we talk of compromise, it’s always relative. I’d say you can buy one of these systems in a box with confidence from a performance perspective, but it’s always worth thinking about where you’d like to end up on your journey as the single box options might suggest a different path to the one you’d like to explore as upgrade options are less open. I’m sure a 222 sounds great, much better than the 272 I loved, based on comments on here.

i dont think so with a 222, it replaces the 272 which is the same type of thing. also upgradable with a psu

Naim has been very clear that they have been able to take the step of having a power supply in all the 222, 332 and 333 because technology has moved on and it is less of a compromise than it was, especially for the 332. They also have said that it allows simplification of the basic system and having one power supply for all 3 products is part of that. However, the best performance is achieved with the NPX300 power supply. I have heard the 222 with and without the NPX300, for me, it was worth spending the extra money but even without the 222 is an excellent streamer pre-amp. The beauty of this approach is that it allows people to get into the NC range without the need for power supplies, allowing them to add them when and if they want to spend the extra. I think it is a good step forward for Naim and their customers.


They still do, so no change to that principle. However, the new products can operate independently to a greater extent than before, but you still achieve the best results with an external PS.

I’ve found the NAC 332 under its own steam is also superior to the NAC 252.

but as you always say…so is the 222!lol


NSC 222 with NPX 300.

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