Number of members on this forum

In an idle moment I was just wondering how many members there are on this forum. Sorry if a number has been mentioned before. Obviously some members post a lot but others rarely do so. As Tony Hancock said in the Blood Donor we ought to have a badge!

I am reliably informed it is between 1 and Infinity.


Think there under 5k. But @Richard.Dane should know.

I received my anniversary badge a couple of days ago. 12,896 others have it, so that’s the number that have been members for a year and who have posted. With others who have been members for under a year, plus any members who have not posted, the total will be higher. I was very surprised that there are so many, as the number of active members is very much lower.


Thanks I must have had the same anniversary badge but didn’t notice the number. Yes it is a bigger number than I would have guessed.

My number is 12895, one different!

Trust you to be logical. :grin:

There are currently just under 15,000 registered users on the forum.


Gee that surprises me wonder how many are active

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There are between 400 and 500 actively engaged (i.e. posting, liking etc…) members most days. And between 100,000 and 120,000 page views each day, although both figures can peak much higher on days around a product launch.


Well that surprises me again only 400 to 500 active.

Remember that’s just engaged users. Many more just reading.


Not surprised me at all in fact I would have thought a lot less than that number

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That doesn’t surprise me you have low expectations. :rofl::rofl:

@seakayaker has a very impressive statistic!


Site statistics can be found from About section


Question is, does Richard get paid depending on:
1 number of members
2 number of active users
3 number of entries he has to moderate

I like the idea that it’s 3 :smile:

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At all…? :crazy_face:

As he seems to own more HiFi’s than Lasky’s then he may get paid in kind

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I get paid on the basis of spending 3 hours a day administering the forum. Of course, rarely does it only require 3 hours, and sometimes, like over this last Christmas, it was much, much, more. But sadly I don’t get paid any more for that.

Oh yes, and to anyone wondering why I sometimes don’t answer their messages in the middle of the night, I do sleep, and I do have a life outside of the forum…