Numpty Bluetooth question

So my mobile Bluetooth codecs settings page has every available type listed, but they’re “greyed out” and unpickable. At the top it shows the “Developers” version is unchangeably picked.

My headphones can be switched between different codecs and I run them on aPtx Adaptive.

I can hear the difference if I switch to, say, SBC on the phones.

My question is, when I do this, is the Bluetooth connection enabling match to this codec type on the phone?

All explained here; long story short, the thing receiving the data transmission needs to be able to interpret the codec option you’ve selected.

Thanks for that, but it didn’t really answer my question.

However, finding similar queries/complaints elsewhere, I ran a test and behold! My musings were correct.

I thought it odd that the phone settings would display a lot of different codecs without seemingly any way to change them, so I ran some music through the Mo’ 4s and back-checked to the phone settings and immediately saw that the codec the phone uses, is set by the headphones.



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