Numpty time again

Hi again, the numpty is back, I have just purchased a linn Linto mc stage, reason been the linn cartridge I’m using in the akurate has a very low output so I have to crank up the volume on the 82 with 523k boards in and get a little noise as a result, I’ve been told the Linto is designed for the low output mc cartridges, anyway just having a new naim cable made up phono to din to use the aux on the pre, my question is if I leave the boards in will they use power or should I remove them, regards and look forward to your help.

Conventional wisdom usually suggest removing the boards to get most out of the pre, but I imagine it isn’t essential.

I use 523K boards with a Linn Krystal. Most things play around the 10 o’clock position on my 52 the same as they did on my 82.

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I was advised to remove any boards that aren’t being used. They are an unnecessary draw on the power supply. It’s not a big deal to remove them although my heart rate goes up very time I slide the chassis out :). Can’t claim to have done any a/b comparisons though.

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In my experience, that is fairly typical of Naim phono boards - with both MM into N boards - and low output MC into S or K boards.

With high output MC’s (such as the DV10X or similar) , things can get a bit strange, needing higher settings with N boards.

The ‘fix’ that I use is E boards (523 or 323). The result is running around 8 or 9 o’clock (which for me, is much closer to normal CD levels).

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Sounds familiar to me. I run a Prefix with a K17D3 Karat. Volume is generally at 10 o’clock whereas the NDX is at 9. The prefix uses the same circuit as the 523s I understand. I seem to remember having the Prefix converted from K to S for this cartridge. Previously I had a Troika and the volume was regularly at 12 o’clock.

Hello, thank you all for your help and input, I will at some point remove the boards which as you say will reduce the draw on the power, I have actually found a dealer who has or is suppling a gen naim cable rather than trying to sell me what they have available, I forgot to mention this is for a rebuilt troika so the volume pot is up to around 12 quite apart from the noise (hiss)
If I forget and spin a cd it is extremely loud, anyway Linto to be installed and I will report as to how it sounds, regards and thanks again Neil.


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