NVi has died again

My NVi has just died again. Will not power up. Again. It’s been back to Naim 2-3 times already (At significant expense) but maybe it’s time to give up. When it works it’s brilliant but it’s always temperamental.
The last Naim product I buy. Never had any problem with kit from other manufacturers. Time to look elsewhere.

Sorry to hear that Robin. It’s perhaps unfortunate if the n-Vi is your only experience with Naim. What was the reason behind the failure? Was it the switch mode PS?

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In Portugal, I think it’s transversal (other countries), if you sent something to fix a malfunction, you automatically receive a new guarantee.

Unless the temperamental thing is another/different fault (not covered by).

Why make a X (cross) in the brand if you like the end result?
Even the best product sometimes fails. (after all, Nvi its over a decade year old)

Sorry to hear that experience. Good luck on whatever you choose.

I can only echo Richard’s words here. Firstly, sorry you’ve had this issue, but secondly that pioneering though it was back in the day, the N-Vi is very much an outlier Naim product. I’d hate for you to judge the brand based on that one product, as it’s certainly not representative of the wider range.


the oldest will be over 15 years old now


It’s been multiple problems, including I suspect software. Feels like a product that was not fully developed which is perhaps why Naim seem to have moved away from the AV market. A shame as it was a great product when it worked.
Age is no excuse. It’s about 10 years old. I’ve had electronics and HFi longer than that…

Naim regularly services products that are decades old - restoring them so they’re as good as new. We’re all about ‘built to last’ where possible. Again, the N-Vi is an outlier case.

Back in the day i had an n-Vi and I’d agree that when it was working, it was a great bit of kit. Excellent for immersive audio and video quality but it was a fussy, buggy machine. After 30+ years of various Naim product ownership it’s been the only product I’ve had real problems with (buggy software, screen failing etc) and regretted buying.

As others mention it was a bit of an outlier for Naim and involved a lot of integration of 3rd party solutions to make a relatively complex Naim product for the booming (at the time) AV market. Luckily, Naim are back to what they do best so I’d try not to be put off by the n-Vi experience.


The n-Vi was a great piece of kit but always temperamental, I often had to re-set mine, and prone to breakdowns. I had to reluctantly give up on mine when the final repair at Naim lasted just a few months and the spares supply was pretty much depleted. That was about six years when I moved to an Arcam receiver (and recently to JBL) but I still remember the n-Vi fondly. To be honest you’ve done very well for your n-Vi to have lasted as long as it has.

That sound pretty much like my experience with multiple failures and returns to Naim, with resets in between. A shame as there is still nothing quite like it on the market and I would have thought there is still a market for an updated and re-engineered version.

Time to move elsewhere.

There is. Or at least, there was: before buying my Naim, I had Primare DVDi10.

In theory , was a direct competitor.
But a newer project. ( although class D )

I had an nvi that failed twice - first time fixed under warranty, second time ten years later I was told the factory wouldn’t have anything to do with it any more. Got an arcam 380 I think it is with arcam uni player. Disappointing at first but came to life with Apple TV and now I love it - works wonderfully with 4 nsats an nsub and ncent

Thanks Tim. Mine has been back 3 times already so enough is enough. Arcam options on the shortlist.
I guess Naim have decided to abandon the market rather than reengineer what was functionally a very good product.

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I have the AV2 and the DVD5, but sounds like the NVi was even buggier than them. The AV2 still works perfectly (touch wood), but the DVD5 struggles to play dvd’s now but plays cd’s perfectly, so i used that as a bedroom system with my 72/140/ hi-cap.

My Nvi worked up until a couple of years ago, until I was quoted over £300 to replace the screen (third one!) and I replaced it with a Marantz for AV with a NDX & 202 to partner the 200 I already had.

It is all boxed up with original cables etc……I am just wondering what could be done with it……I suppose if I could get a replacement screen it might make a suitable second system with a pair of Wharfdale Diamonds I suppose….

Any thoughts?

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