Odd app bug...?

Anyone have any input on this?

Focal/Naim app version 6.1.2 on iPhone 14 Pro running iOS 16.4.1
Atom firmware 3.8.3 (5447)
Muso firmware 4.3.2 (6482)
Qb firmware 2.0.0

The Atom and Muso use ethernet, the Qb uses wifi.

From the device selection screen of the app, I will ON OCCASION get a little warning icon (triangle in the upper-left corner of the first screen cap below).

As far as I can recall, this warning has only appeared in the last couple of weeks of use.

Tapping the icon gets me to the message in the second screen cap, telling me that bluetooth is off — which it is NOT, as can be seen in the screen caps of my general settings and app settings.

I have tried the usual shutdown/restarts of every device in the chain (including the M2 Mac Mini that streams my music, from an external drive, via Asset upnp).

I should mention that this IN NO WAY impacts regular use. I can still select and use any of the devices and play music from any of my sources, do multiroom, etc.

So just an annoyance really… but I’m wondering if there might be any ideas on how to get rid of the bluetooth warning.

Yes this is indeed what happens. It’s been reported in the beta testing process, but it seems to be caused by Apple products being slow to establish Bluetooth connections.

I believe this is all consequent on the Focal headphones (the app uses Bluetooth not WiFi to talk to those) being added to the Naim app.

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Thanks for the info…
As I said, it’s not impacting use or performance. Since it is apparently a known issue in beta testing, I’m sure it will be resolved at some point.
Thanks again.

I’m getting it as well.

I’ve also noticed that the app is slow to list my Tidal album favourites.

I’ve seen this and also getting the volume slider problem.

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